Oct 3, 2012

What's Been Up. Must Come Down

For most people 2 weeks of no blogging doesn't sound like much. But I feel like its been forever. But with taking an unintentional break from it, I realize how much I enjoy it. And miss it. So... I'm back.

Since I've been gone there's been 3 blog worthy things that have happened...

1. Meet Fruit Loop Superman Saves the Day

Fruit Loop is our 7 week old goldendoodle puppy. She is the sweetest little puppy. She loves to stay close to us and is usually under foot. She is relaxed and chill. No barking, other then the first 5 minutes we kennel her at night. I'm pretty sure her favorite thing to do is nap. She is a snuggler, too! I'm not even a dog person but I love this little girl.
Kai loves taking care of her and is a good little momma. She feeds her and takes her outside to potty. It is still taking Brayce some time to warm up to her, though. My little scaredy cat.
Any tips for potty training?  - This is my first puppy to have to train.
She is doing pretty well with it. We are taking her outside a lot. We are trying to find a bell so she can ring it to let us know she needs to go outside. Anyone have one? We can't find one.

2. Goodbye Studio
A couple months ago, Jonathan and I were talking about our photography business, JKphotography. We came to the conclusion that we didn't have the same passion for it as before. We still enjoy photography, but we weren't wanting to put so much of our time, effort, and money into it. Having a studio was always a dream of mine and I feel like I can cross it off of my bucket list. It was a fun year and we learned a lot. And wow, was it cute! 
I do not count this as a failure and am not sad to see it go. Moving out of the studio was a decision we made; thinking of what is best for our family and what we wanted to pursue. We will still do pictures, but will not be pushing our business and will only do the shoots we want to, when time allows. We appreciate our clients, family and friends who have helped us along the way and I am excited to see what the future holds for us.
When we moved in last October, we did a lot of work and shopping to make the studio "cool" and it's kinda sad that it's empty now. It only took us 2 evenings to move everything out and now we are trying to make room for all of our cool ikea furniture at our house. We had a great idea to redo Jonathan's office at the church and a lot of the furniture has found a new home there. We need to paint the walls tho - bye bye ugly Texas orange. :) I've added a few things to the girls' playroom and am excited to get that all settled in. Between all the purging I did this summer, the extra studio furniture and photography gear; we will definitely be having a garage sale coming up very soon. I am excited to get all that out of the house and to be able to breathe a little deeper. 
This is probably new news to most of you, but if you have any questions for me about this topic feel free to comment and I'll be glad to answer your questions.

3. Family
This past weekend the girls and I went to visit my family. My niece was celebrating her 4th birthday and we were so excited that we were able to go. I wish we never had to miss any celebration or special moment of my sweet, sweet nieces and nephews.
I am getting pretty good at this driving thing and the trip went smoothly. PTL... and I actually enjoyed the drive. I'm not sure how many times Kai requested we sing Sexy and I Know It and full blast. Yes, unfortunately I am serious about that.
I'll let the pictures do the talking about our visit, but we had a blast. I love spending quality time with my parents and it fills a spot in my heart. A girl will always need her "mommy & daddy". We spent a lot of time with my sisters and the friends - aka the cousins. I even got to visit with a few friends at a shower for my beautiful (bride to be) friend! It was a great trip home, but of course we were looking forward to coming back home because we missed Daddy while we were away.

Happy Birthday, Miss Lily!
Brayce with her Mimi
This girls LOVES dress up clothes.
Pop, Mimi, and all the kids!
Friends for LIFE. :)
Slumber Party
oh my sweet girls. I love them.
Something happened to Brayce recently...
She grew up. Where did my baby go?!
Hello my toddler! I love you.
The boys' grandpa has a farm w/ mini donkeys!
Sweet little friends.
6 months apart in age.

Look at all this fun we had on the farm!
Jumping on the hay!
Lots of play time w/ Mimi and Pop
Ready to ride!
These girls are already great shopping buddies!
I can't get enough family time. Already counting down the days until our next visit!

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