Oct 8, 2012

If All Else Fails...

Today was a fun filled day for the girls and me. We met some friends this morning and headed to the pumpkin patch! I couldn't keep up with Kairi. She was very, very excited about being here with a lot of her friends. I was worried about this chilly weather, but it ended up being very nice outside. I think in the low 60's. 

We bounced on a huge trampoline. Rode the cow train (my favorite). Took a hay ride to see the Christmas trees. Went down the slides and played with our friends on the other little activities they have there. 

I asked Kai her favorite part - "ALL OF IT!"

Kai with her friend Adde. How cute are they?!
This is our 4th year in a row to visit this pumpkin patch. And we always have to ride the cow train!
Getting soooo big!
Pretty in purple
MY GIRLS!! I love being their momma!
2 points for Brayce.
(This was right before she fell on her face on the steep hill.)
Kai is such a good big sister!
We had such a fun time with friends this morning. 
Days like this always remind me to be thankful because I am able to spend all my days with my girls and not cooped up in an office working. 
Part 2:

I had realized it had been too long since I cooked a meal for my family. Once again getting into our fast food/ out to eat habit! So this morning the girls and I went to the grocery store so we could make supper tonight. I may be a weird mom, but I enjoy going to the store with the girls. One main reason is because I can talk out loud without talking to myself. :)

I won't go off on my rant of the situation in the WM parking lot. All I have to say is people please think twice before judging someone. It hurts. I am a good mother and I don't need you yelling things about my parenting technique. .... anyways..


Yumm... What's that smell?
It's been cold here so something warm and comforting sounded good for dinner.
I found a pin on Pinterest for
Braided Spaghetti Bread

This was my first time making this meal and I learned quite a bit from it, AKA from all my mistakes.
#1 - When something needs THAWED, give it time to thaw
#2 - Read the recipe all the way through. - Know the correct order of what to bake and make. Timing and how long things take.
#3 - Read the AMOUNT of the ingredients. --- HERE is my big mistake. This recipe called for 6 oz of spaghetti and 12 dinner rolls for the bread...... I "accidently" used 13 oz of spaghetti and 36 dinner rolls. Yes, you read that right. We had enough food to feed an army. I was piling it all on following the directions when I realized how much food was there. I decided I HAD to split this up and make 2 spaghetti breads. These things are HUGE!!!! There is only 4 of us and 2 of "us" are under the age of 4. Can you say, LEFTOVERS!?! 
So for my BIG mistake at least it was just doubling... tripling the amount of food we needed. 

It was still.... DELICIOUS. click here for the recipe. 

At the pumpkin patch I bought the girls each a pumpkin - only 50 cents a piece! How can you pass that up?! The girls really wanted to paint them, so we got some paint brushes and paint at WM today. 

Our first fall decorations are up. I am so bad about decorating the house for holidays. These will probably be the only decorations put up. Unless we buy more pumpkins to paint. 

I love the cool weather and football games. And of course sweatshirts and sweatpants! Although, I am not crazy about all the leaves that will soon make an appearance in my backyard.

She's tattling on herself that she got paint on the table
I told Brayce her pumpkin had to dry before she held it so she started
blowing on her fingernails to dry them. Love this girl!
My little artist.
She called this creation "rainbow"
She's so proud of herself. I am too.

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