Nov 14, 2011

it is FINISHED and ready to BEGIN

Well we are officially open! Our studio that is! We worked our butts off to be open and ready for Grove's Christmas Open House! Especially my husband! Working full time and then heading to the studio directly afterwards and putting in many more hours there most nights! Oh how I appreciate him!
I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who helped us get the studio ready and helped by watching the girls for us!!!! Reid & Stephanie, Mike and Lynda, Gram Jam & Randy, Rod, Chris and more! Without each of you it would not have been a success.
We are SO happy with how it turned out! It was exactly what we were picturing!
Saturday the Open House was a big success! And we measure our own success... so we say BIG success. LOTS of people, lots of fun! Even set up a photoshoot! We did a Christmas themed photobooth and I think everyone had a good time with it! Check out our facebook page to see all the pics of it

Some people have asked me why we opened a studio... And if Im i going to be there everyday. And to answer that... No, my main job and most important one is being a wife and mother. I LOVE LOVE LOVE staying home with my girls everyday and plan to do this for as long as I can!!! But I also LOVE LOVE LOVE doing photography with my husband. This is a side business but something we are passionate about and love to do. We have set our goals and know how "busy" we want to be. We know the direction we want our business to go and are taking the steps to take it there. Having a vision and goals set up has been so rewarding! NO PRESSURE and NO STRESS!!! I am LOVING it!
Still trying to figure out what all ways we can glorify God with it - because that is our #1 goal! 

Here are a few pics of our studio and my family at the open house photobooth!!

my family!
JKphotography's Studio! 
Room #1 - Office & Meet and greet! 
I LOVE THIS ROOM. It's so bright and fun!
#ikea #theorganicbloom
Room #2
This room was a lot of work but turned out so great!
*There is a 3rd room that has our backdrops, props and gear in it!

Photobooth FUN:

my cute in-laws

me and the hubs xoxo

my dad & mom <3

my pretty little girls!

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