Aug 10, 2012

The Purge has Begun!

I live in a small house. And when a small house has a lot of stuff in it, you start to feel crowded.
All of my stuff was running out of places to be put. So everything has begin to pile on my dinner table!  
So I have had enough! Time to PURGE. 

God has blessed me with my wonderful house that I get to call home. And He has provided all of my needs. However, I have gone overboard with all of my wants! 

My previous post talks about being a generous giver and learning about possessions. So it is all perfect timing, which God always has! 

Last night while it was just Brayce and I home, I started in the girls' bedroom from left to right, top to bottom. Sorted through their socks, hats, and all of those other girly accessories. Their toy box was next and the wall decor! Their dresser is now neatly organized and has more space for maximum use! Then the closet... I used to have a shopping problem and so these girls have clothes. I went through all of them took out what wouldn't fit and folded things that were too big. I also got to organize all the shoes, shelves, and supplies!
The purge in the girls' room resulted in: 2 trash bags full of excess and 1 bag of trash. 
Feeling good already!!!

This morning I woke up ready for more, or less I guess! :) 
I knew the kitchen would be quite the project because even though we just had a garage sale in March I didn't really touch the kitchen. So today, I used my left to right, top to bottom and went through every cabinet and drawer! 
My favorite thing I did in the kitchen was get rid of the huge circle rug. I swept and mopped and now the space really opens up and shows off it's size. Wish I would've done that years ago!
Results: 2 trash bags full of things to get rid of, 1 bag of trash, and a pile of food items to donate.

Still a junk drawer, but with organization to it!!!
This cabinet has always been one of those that you hurry and throw something in there and shut the door before everything falls out! It's SOOOO much better now!
Pile of food that is still good, but will not get used at my house due to excess!

I still have quite the list of rooms and projects to purge but I am feeling great! My goal is to go through every room, cabinet, storage tub, and space and to have a garage sale in September! And to stop the shopping and NOT fill up this space with more stuff!

I'll try to be better at before and after pics of my purging! It's hard to admit sometimes what the before actually looked like! 

I'm excited for God to move through my life and change me as I learn about possessions and the hold they can have over us. My God is my Lord, which means I must not idolize money and things! I am letting go of the excess in my life and making room for more of Him... and more room not to trip over things! :)

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