Nov 25, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

At the end of October, we went to have our family pictures taken by Mandy Davis Photography - you can read about it here.

After much anticipation and trying to wait patiently, we received a cd full of pictures this past week. Here are a few of my favorites!!!

Look at all this color!!!! LOVE! 
I'm not one for browns and leaves! Loving the graffiti wall!!

Look at my beautiful Kairi!!! Little model 3 1/2 years old

Miss Brayce! Love those brown eyes and smile! 20 months old

I think this is my favorite one!!! I love my little family!

Can you see how happy we are?!

Love these little sisters!!!

Mandy was great to work with. I can't wait to get these hung up on my walls!!!! Thanks Mandy!


  1. gorgeous family inside and out! pictures are awesome! and kc--you look amazingly beautiful as always!! love and miss your sweet, sweet smile!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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  3. I have to say this is a pretty good looking family!



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