Nov 27, 2012


Welcome to pregnancy!!
Hormones are in full swing!! Can you say MOOD SWINGS?! & emotional!?!
I don't even understand the feelings going on inside of me. Sad, alone, misunderstood, grumpy, irritable, etc etc etc.
Last night I couldn't go to sleep trying to figure myself out and ended up staying up until 3 which didn't help with my mood adding in exhausted to the mix. I woke up feeling all mixed up and confused and stayed in bed until 9:45. But once I saw that the sun was shining I figured I could make it through the day.
I haven't felt like myself for about a week. I didn't know what was going on. I have a pregnancy app that shows you different articles, pictures and things for each day. And a couple days ago, it had an article about mood swings. I didn't experience those with my other 2 pregnancies. Actually, the only symptom I had with my other pregnancies is tiredness. But as I was reading about them I realized that's what was going on. My body is adjusting to hormone changes. Oh, so I wasn't making this up! It's a real thing.
So today I called my best friend who recently had a baby herself. She told me something very comforting. "This is normal." - yay. I'm not crazy! We talked for about 30 minutes. I felt a lot better about what was going on with my emotions and was just so happy that someone understood me and has been there done that. I am so glad I reached out to a friend - no one should have to feel like they are alone. No matter what is going on in our lives someone we know and more than likely someone we are close to has been there and can definitely relate. We can't be afraid to reach out.
I try to have a very positive attitude about life but in particularly about pregnancy, too. I've always been very careful that I don't to use pregnancy as an excuse to be served or treated differently and I definitely don't want to use it as an excuse to be rude or selfish.
I still will not use my pregnancy or hormones as an excuse to be mean. But I am learning that it is easy to accidentally do so. I just have to be more intentional and aware of my attitude and actions when around anyone, including my husband and children. If I am alone in the corner curled into a ball. I may need a minute to myself. Lol
I am hoping this "symptom" will pass soon, but if not I hope to get it under control. Maybe I should go ahead and apologize to anyone if I am not my usually cheery self to you, but I promise I am trying. Sometimes we have bad days and that's ok, but still not a reason to be short with anyone or unkind.
Today I am thankful for my mother in law. She let the girls take naps at her house today so I was able to run a couple errands alone while they slept. I guess I'll confess that I also enjoyed some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from Braum's all by myself, too.
When I got back to my MIL's house, I had spent some time alone, had ice cream, and talked to my best friend. I was refreshed. For the first time in a week I felt like myself again and that felt good. When my kids woke up from their naps, we went and kidnapped Jonathan from work and went to play at the park and soak up some sunshine for awhile. I felt great and happy.
My husband was wonderful and made a yummy dinner tonight and cleaned the dishes - he is so good to me. We sat around the living room all together watching Elf - perhaps the best Christmas movie ever. We just put the girls to bed and now I'm snuggled up under my Vera Bradley blanket blogging on my iPad. Life is good.
Mood swing up. Mood swing down. I got this.

What pregnancy symptoms did you have? How did you keep them under control? Any funny stories about pregnancy symptoms you want to share? Comment below! :)
"Why are you smiling like that? i like smiling. Smiling's my favorite".

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