Oct 28, 2012

Let the Pros Handle It

I've been looking forward to and planning for this day for a couple months now. I did my best to be as prepared as I could be so I could enjoy it and forget about the stress. I wanted everything to go smoothly and perfectly. And for the most part, it did. I am soooooo excited to see the results. 
My husband and I have a photography business and as you can probably tell from my posts, I take a lot of pictures of my family. BUT today we had family pictures taken professionally for the first time. We traveled to Oklahoma City to visit one of the best photographers I've ever met. I love ALL of her work. Her fun, bright colored style just screams out to me. She is awesome and I was so pumped that we were able to have the opportunity to work with her!! 
PLEASE go visit Mandy Davis Photography on Facebook or click here

This was not my first time to work with Mandy. Mandy actually took my senior pictures! (Only 10 years ago!!) My family went to get pictures done with her when Jonathan and I were just dating. It was one of those debates, do we put him in the pictures or not? Some in. Some out. I knew though - he was a keeper forever! :) 

My sisters both had her photograph their weddings and have used her throughout the years for their children, and starting today I will use her for my family as well. (I'm already looking forward to our next shoot with her.)

I know how much goes into a photoshoot on the photographer's side of it, but on this day I was on the other side of the camera. It started a couple months ago when Mandy had a Facebook special that I jumped on it right away! I planned our shoot for the end of September then had to reschedule twice.
 I started thinking about what everyone was going to wear. Not matchy but coordinating. And even with how much I love to shop, I couldn't help but be stressed with this. It wasn't until last week that I realized we needed a 2nd outfit. Oh my, here we go again. I didn't want to spend a lot more money and I wanted this outfit to be bright and colorful and since that's what I always dress the girls in I thought I could put something together. I went to the girls' closet and just started pulling stuff out.

 On our way to OKC, we stopped by an Old Navy because I wanted to see if they had a sweater for mY 2nd outfit, but they quit selling those sweaters - um not sure why since its just now Fall?! So it took a little longer then planned - if you don't like shopping then don't take me to Old Navy. Just ask my in-laws, I can spend hours in there! I ended up getting a whole new outfit! So 8 outfits and 8 pairs of shoes were complete and ready. Whew! Happy to be done. 
How do you decide what to wear for pictures? Do you stress about it as much as me? Where do you like to shop? Share your tips & tricks for "what to wear, what not to wear" in the comments below.

 Check out the forecast for the day of the photoshoot:

Brrrrr! Mandy, the photographer called to ask if I was sure I wanted to do them outside. My answer: Yes!!! Sure it was in the 40's and windy and I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Am I crazy?! Possibly. But I knew what I wanted so thought we would tough it out. By 3:00 I think it was 49 degrees and pretty windy, but the sun had come out. I was worried how the girls would do in the weather so thought it would be fun to take them by the store first to get a bribing tool/ reward. We let them each pick any toy they wanted and said if they behaved, listened and smiled they could keep it! We also bought a bag of m&m's and goldfish! Being a mom is all about being prepared! Brayce picked out a Barbie with a purple seal and Kairi fell in love with a Tangled dress up dress.

 The shoot was at 2:30 and we wanted to arrive a little early and it took an hour to get there. So nap time didn't happen today. A set up for disaster? I don't think I thought that through when scheduling the time. Tip: make sure the time you choose works with your kids' schedule!! Next time I will do morning. Tip: wait to change right before your appointment. We changed at the studio for any just in case accidents! You don't want to put all that time and money into your outfits to have a potty accident or food spill happen! 

The girls did really great. I have never seen Kairi smile and look at the camera so well - why won't she do that for me?! I was so proud of them and was so happy. Then we went to the second location and we were able to get some family shots then she did the kids individually and that's when Brayce started melting down. Her lip was quivering and the tears started coming. It was windy and cold. We couldn't get her to calm down. Not to mention right before the shoot we noticed she had a temperature and runny nose, and you can tell a sick child by the looks of her eyes. :( poor baby! 
We retreated to the car to warm up and headed to the next location just a few blocks away. Wardrobe change... In the car. Kairi asked "why you showing your boobies off?" Lol oh my! I think she thought we were pretty crazy changing in the car right downtown. I did too. But we didn't get arrested or stared at so we were good to go. I told the photographer that I really just wanted group family shots and luckily that helped Braycee because she wanted to be held. Poor Mandy really worked extra hard for those smiles from Brayce today. But I really think she got some great ones! I got "in trouble" for fidgeting. I'm not used to being the model! It was hard to leave the girls alone because I'm so used to taking their pictures and worrying about their collars and fly away hair.

Mandy made the shoot so fun and relaxed. I learned a lot from her today. That girl has mad people skills! We will get the pictures on our cd in about a week!! I am very excited that I don't have wait long! 

I am one happy momma!!! I couldn't have done this without my husband; he is such an amazing husband and father. He is helpful and had an all hands on deck attitude. Plus, he knew how easily I could stress out so he was extra helpful. 
We had a super fun day as a family! 
I think family pictures are so important and I encourage you to get some done. And if you aren't able to get them done professionally, have a friend take some. Moms and dads remember to jump in the pictures too! You and your children will treasure these pictures forever. We may be too self conscious or aren't happy with how we look. But we are where we are and this is who we are. I think it's important as our kids grow to let them see us be there with them. Lets teach them to love themselves by loving ourselves!
I can't wait to share my pictures with you all!

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