Apr 18, 2012

We are FANS!

Yay! Yesterday it was our Year of Dates Date night!!! (Read more about it: HERE.) I had kept a surprise and didn't even tell Jonathan where we were going eventhough he was the driver!! He had a blast about being kept in the dark and was anxious to find out what was going on!
First I surprised my hubs by washing his car and cleaning the inside! Mike and Lynda watched the girls for us and we left town around 3 o'clock! 
We drove to Tulsa and his first surprise was when we pulled up to Maaco and I told him we were getting his car painted! Well, he wasn't all that excited about it but after talking about it and getting the plan of when we would leave the car and paid for it I think he is more excited. My husband is a hard working man and deserves to be proud of himself and not embarrassed of what he drives (not saying he is but I think he deserves more). And we have been driving around with a black hood and bumper for far too long!! BYE BYE cow car! I am so excited to do this for him. He deserves the best and it's such a good car it's time we took care of it! 
Then we got back in the car and started driving I told him I forgot something and needed to stop by the store! I then gave him the envelope and had recorded a movie of me singing "Take me out to the Ballgame." GO DRILLERS!!! We had about 2 hours to spare so we walked around the mall and then got to the park. We bought some awesome tickets! Right by the 3rd base and on the first row! I was pretty nervous about getting hit in the face with a foul ball! I'm pretty sure after each hit I asked "is it going to hit us?" We also stopped in their store and bought a couple t-shirts and a hat for Jonathan. We decided if we were going to be "real fans", we needed the gear!
We were at the ball park for 3 hours and drove home and spent the next couple hours just talking and relaxing. It's so important to get away and be husband and wife together. Not always daddy and mommy. I am so glad I decided to do this year of dates thing! I am excited to plan next month's date! To be intentional about your relationship is key or time will just fly by and before you know it it's been a year since you've gone on a date! I encourage everyone to try this! :) I told him next year he gets to do it for me!

Here are a few pics from our date!!!

Our awesome seats! And the weather was BEAUTIFUL! The sun went down about an hour after it started and it was around 65/70 degrees the whole time!

It was $2 hot dog day! And $3 off tickets. So we got these awesome tickets for $6 a piece! cheap date :)

Gosh, is he cute or what?!

Us in our new Tulsa Drillers gear. We wanted to be fans! And it was part of his date package! I couldn't find any until we got to the stadium! I'm looking for some online for the girls! 

Love our date nights!!!
I love spending time alone with him. Husband and Wife time. He's my best friend!!!

That blonde girl over there and 2 of her friends that sat behind us talked about hooking up with the baseball players and if they were old enough and about going to a club afterwards the WHOLE TIME. I don't know if I would call them #cleatchasers or #whores. I know that's not a nice word and I am sorry but I was very saddened by this! This is her delivering her phone number to a 20 year old short stop for the opposing team! She had said which ones of the drillers player she had already been with. And I guess I just really live in a bubble because wow I had no idea that girls actually did this! Not to put the blame totally on the women but I just have to think about professional players that get women thrown at them all day long every day. So sad. I wanted to tell these girls about respecting themselves and how Jesus could change their lives but wasn't sure about the way to go about this! Maybe I should've just done it and at the least they would've changed seats!! 
Next trip for sure. I have a feeling they are regulars.

Nonnie sent us a picture of the girls fishing w/ their new poles from Aunt Amanda and Uncle Pip! They had a blast and we are truly blessed to have family that love us and our girls as much as we do and that help us out and make date night possible!!! We appreciate you!!!!

Night Night Mommy and Daddy!!! Slumber party w/ Nonnie and Papa!

We had so much fun we are already planning on when we are going back!! We are going to take the girls with us next time! And anyone else who wants to join us is welcomed! TOO MUCH FUN!!!

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