Feb 19, 2012

2012 the Year of Dates

Ok, I love blogging. & I love reading blogs. And I love when you are reading a blog and you come across a post where you say "I HAVE TO DO THIS!!!" (Click HERE to go see the blog.)

Well, I read this a couple months back and thought "Wow! What a great idea! But that looks like a lot of work..." So I didn't do anything about it and I was browsing blogs and came across it again and was like OK this I have to do for my husband!
So what am I talking about? - You don't know because you didn't click here, huh? Don't worry I will tell you. I've modified her plan a tad though, so I am going to tell you what I did. What is a "year of dates"? It is a preplanned surprise date for your spouse EACH month!!! I mean we all have good intentions about going out on a date with our spouse, but many months will slip us by without it happening right?! The lady that thought this up has the whole year pre planned and pre paid for and already has every envelope ready to go!
Well this is how I modified it. Since Jonathan and I live on a budget I knew there was NO WAY I could make these dates awesome by doing them all at once. I have preplanned what the dates are going to be, but the envelopes are not made yet and nothing is paid for yet. So what I am going to do is each month I am going to buy the supplies I need or purchase tickets if necessary and make my scrapbook page and when it comes to date night my husband will be totally surprised by what's inside! It might be a date out on the town, or maybe an evening home all by ourselves... I can't give you many details because he may be my one and only blog reader. lol. But some of the dates will be things we've always wanted to do but have never done. Or maybe just some of our favorite activities. One or two will be something I know HE loves but we never get to do... (I am SO excited to share our date with you each month after date night!)

So this past Thursday I surprised my husband with the first envelope with a letter explaining a "year of dates" and then he opened the envelope....
February's date night was a trip to Tulsa to The Rock and Worship Roadshow (Christian concert)! I also printed out a copy of their t-shirt and put $20 on the back and told him to buy a shirt or a cd of his choice! He was so surprised and excited. He said "I wish I would have thought to do this for you!" But the real amazing thing he said was.... "This is the coolest thing you've ever done for me."  YAY!!! I was able to show him exactly HOW much I love him. By putting some effort into planning quality time/ date night he felt my love! LADIES!!! or MEN!! your spouse, or even a girlfriend or boyfriend will LOVE this!!

First I tried to look good for my husband. I dug under my bathroom sink in search of my make up and finally found it. Seriously, it's been that long since I wore any! I asked my husband if he wanted me to wear my hair curly or straight and wore a shirt that I knew he loved but that hadn't fit me before!

Remember my last post about bartering Barter Harder we had a baby-sitter lined out for the whole night! 3:30 until midnight! (I have to say they are the BEST and we TRULY appreciate them. We didn't have to worry because we knew our kids were in good hands - so we could focus on US.)
We spent a lot of quality ME AND YOU time at the concert. Enjoying each other's company, lots of conversations, laughs, holding hands. We went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, On the Border and shared a meal and some chips w queso. Then we made our way home where we talked about marriage stuff, a book I've been reading (a blog that will be coming), and health & fitness. I don't even think we brought up the girls at all. (Not that that's a bad thing to talk about!) But this date was all about putting our marriage #2 in our lives - (relationship with Christ is #1).
Look at my hot husband!! DANG!! oh, sorry that's not the point of this next picture! lol.
ONE of our new shirts.. one of the bands, which I had never even heard of before that night had some cool shirts but they also had a buy one get one free! So yeah, being the thrifty people we try to be we definitely went with those shirts! - It was fun to give him the $20 in cash because it was preplanned and wasn't like oh no I don't need one or whatever. I said this is your money pick one out!

Ok, so who is going to do this for their spouse?! COMMENT with a ME! I promise your honey will LOVE it.


  1. Seriously do it, I love it!!

  2. Very mush doing this. Not sure what Blog you were looking at but, Dating divas has a TON of dates

  3. Very mush doing this. Not sure what Blog you were looking at but, Dating divas has a TON of dates

  4. Already thinking of ideas! Thanks sooo much for this! I needed to hear (read) this!



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