Feb 10, 2016


I'm tired of always being inside of my own head. I feel trapped. Is that just me? I am an introvert, a homebody, and a stay at home mom. Not a lot of opportunities for chit chat with the outside world. Maybe this is why I tend to talk the cashier's ears off at a store. I love to journal and spend time writing out my thoughts there. But without discussing them or getting them out I just feel like they always bounce around in my head. My husband quite impresses me that he can actually be thinking nothing at times. Like how is that possible? I am constantly thinking and processing things. I long for that peace and rest. So this morning as I was having feelings of being trapped inside of my own mind, this sentence came into my thoughts: "I need an outlet." 

So here I am again, blogging. 
The place I can share my stories, my life, my thoughts, our days, and whatever else from the comfort of my couch. An introvert's dream. 

I think I am excited to be back. 

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