Feb 10, 2016

Letting Go of Pinterest Perfection in Homeschooling

I've been in a slump in our homeschooling. 

Learning how to teach a first grader and a pre-k kid with a toddler running around and an infant takes some time to adjust and adapt. And that is exactly what we have done. We've taken time. We've adjusted. And we've adapted.

I started a book yesterday by Karen DeBeus, called Real Homeschool: Letting Go of the Pinterest Perfect and Instagram Ideal Homeschool.

I am very excited to dive into this book to be encouraged and get out of this slump. I love our curriculum, My Father's World, however, I feel the need to spice it up with a lot of Pinterest-y add ons. When Kairi went through the Kindergarten curriculum that Brayce just started this is what our week looked like: HERE We painted with flour, went on a moon rock hunt, painted rocks with glow in the dark paint, made moon dough, had oreos with the moon phases, and had a campout with a telescope and s'mores. 

Brayce gets crayons and scissors...

And she is perfectly happy and loving it. I need to take the pressure off of myself and realize that something is better than nothing. I have to do what I can at this season in my life and let go of the desire for more. The curriculum gives a complete and well rounded education. If I feel like adding something in - awesome. If we want to skip a thing here or there in the lesson plan - we can do that too. 

That's the freedom we get with homeschooling. So I'm losing the guilt and learning to have fun teaching and learning again. 

The one thing I want to do is be consistent. I want to be doing our sit down school work 4 or 5 days a week. Building on top of and adding to what all my children are learning. The rest can be as simple or as lavish as we want. But consistency is going to be key for learning.

"A real homeschool may not look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, the heart work is being done and the Lord is working."

"Homeschooling is about so much more than a snapshot of a day; it is a lifelong journey. It is about education, discipleship, family, and eternal matters. We are shaping a whole new generation in a countercultural way."

Kairi's favorite subject is Math! This girl loves her math workbook! 

This is her first time doing school with her new reading glasses. 

"If we are distracted by worldly things; before we know it, we will have shifted from our eternal perspective to a worldly one."

I have to stop and ask myself, "Am I trying to be like the world or like Him?"

Today I asked Brayce how we can spend time with Jesus and she said, "Do school." 
I love that we get to focus on Him during our school time and throughout the rest of our day! 
Thanks for the reminder, sweet girl!

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