Aug 4, 2015

Parker Man is 3 Weeks

I really have no idea where his red hair and blue eyes came from - but what a hunk!  
Parker is 3 weeks old and is just the sweetest baby. He is laid back and easy going - which is good since he has 3 older (but not that much older) big siblings.

He is a good sleeper. He is starting to show us those blue eyes a little more during the day. He goes to bed (his rock n play sleeper) around 9 and wakes up at 1 and 6 for a bottle. Last night he slept from 9 until 3:30! The awesome thing with having a newborn this time around is I haven't really felt tired at all. Jonathan and I have started going to bed at 10 o'clock and we have felt fully rested each morning. It's been so nice! I love staying up late, but I know if I want to have the energy and patience to take care of my 4 kiddos then sleep is a must.

He is congested and a loud breather. So he does this snort thing that is super cute.

The kids love their baby brother! Kairi has taken over duty as bottle washer which is so helpful! Zeke is so sweet with him and is always giving him kisses. The 3 of us usually have some boy/momma time for about an hour before the girls wake up.

My first outing out alone with the 4 of them was to Parker's doctor's appointment last week. It went smoothly and I left there feeling a little more confident that I could do this mom of 4 thing. He is healthy and perfect and weighs 10 pounds.


Parker took his first out of town trip this past weekend. We visited Kansas City and went to IKEA. 

 Daddy and Parker sure do love each other.

Parker - we sure do love you!

I'm enjoying spending time with him and getting to know him more. I'm so thankful he has joined our family and that I get to be his mom!

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