Aug 27, 2015

My Kids Are Cool

We were about to walk out the door to head to our church's Wednesday night program, but I had to snap a few pictures first!

It was our kickoff night and we were playing kiddie pool kickball so they had on their swimsuits and glasses.

So this post just has a few cute pictures I wanted to store away into my blog. I love to be able to look back as the years pass like a scrapbook! Especially since the girls' baby books are empty and the boys don't even have one! Oops! :)


These girls love each other more than I can even explain. They are an inseparable pair. Kai asked me today where Brayce was and I told her she was sleeping. Kairi asked, "Can't she wake up? It's boring without her."



I can only imagine the mischief these 2 will think up as they grow. They are my little twinkies - just 3 years apart.

LOL, kids are too funny.

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