Aug 26, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday 1

Hi Guys! How are you? Welcome to "Weigh In Wednesday"!

My name is KC and I'm 30 years old - which might help explain the above picture = selfie stick fail. Trying to fit a family of 6 into a picture takes some work.

Anyways, I've decided to do a weekly fitness post. And by fitness post I don't mean giving you great advice and how to do it because I know nothing and I am just getting started... again.

These posts are going to document my journey back to health. The ups, the downs, the victories, the struggles - all of it. It's time to get real. Losing weight is hard work, but I'm ready to finally beat this destructive thing called obesity. I don't like using the "F" word because I am not that, but I will say that I do have a lot of it, FAT.
  Seriously, what was wrong with me and my new selfie stick? I was cracking up because I couldn't get it right.

Here's a little about me: My name is KC and I'm from Oklahoma. I am 5'5" and weigh in at: 221. I love Jesus. I love sugar. I am married to a preacher man who is my best friend. I am a stay at home homeschooling mommy to 4 kids, ages 6, 4, 1 and 6 weeks (and one baby in Heaven in 2012). So yes, 5 pregnancies in the last 6 years.  I'm not blaming the pregnancies for my weight gain because I was overweight before I started having babies, but I will say 5 pregnancies in 6 years is hard on a body. I will also say that having the motto: "I'm going to get fat anyways I might as well eat what I want" is not a good plan to follow. Especially with 5 pregnancies in a row. I ate and ate whatever I wanted. Which was mainly: pizza, coke icees, and sugar in whatever way.

Here is a little rundown summary of the past 6 years: I started my first pregnancy at 220 and became my heaviest ever (250) by the end of it. I worked hard to lose weight and got down to 190 that first year. But weight loss was put on hold when I got pregnant when my first was 14 months old. I gained 40 pounds during my second pregnancy. After she was born my husband and I got serious about losing weight and worked hard. That year I went from 230 to 150! I had never been that small. And loved how healthy and skinny I felt. But I soon found out that when you hit your goal weight you can't quit working hard. I was slowly putting on a pound here and there when I became pregnant again and gained a quick 25 pounds. We unfortunately lost our baby after 2 months of pregnancy, but I did not lose the weight. I was maintaining at 175 with little to no effort when yes, you guessed it I became pregnant again (yes, we know how that happens and yes we wanted & hoped for each of our babies). That pregnancy I didn't hold back and I ate and ate. Resulting with 60 pounds gained with my 3rd child and I only lost 10 of it before we were expecting with my 4th child. Luckily with him I only gained 20 pounds and those 20 dropped off instantly. So I blame Zeke. :)

 So here I am again at the weight that is so familiar: 221. My goal is: 160. My goal is more than a number, but the number will help me measure my effort. So 61 pounds.

We all have to start somewhere so starting where we are at is the best place!

I do not have any plans to get pregnant anytime soon. I know I need to take some time to get healthy and take care of my body. I want that. I do not have the energy I need to be a good wife and take care of 4 little people. That takes energy people. A lot of energy. I want to be healthy and a good role model to my children.

So my why is much bigger than a number on the scale or the size of my jeans - or my stretchy yoga pants. It's 4 little people looking up to me. Learning from me. Copying everything I do.

I hope you will follow along my journey. I will check in every Wednesday with how my week is going - good or bad, what I'm doing to lose weight and gain health, what the number on the scale says and anything else related to my weight loss journey!

Oh and one more thing guys - to prove that I'm serious and that I'm not pregnant I'm giving up these: COKE ICEES. My pregnancy craving and love- seriously I got these almost everyday of each pregnancy! I know the gas station clerks by name - all of them. Yesterday I enjoyed my last one.

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