Aug 28, 2015

Homeschool MFW 1st Grade :: Week 5

We had a great week back to school!! We took off several weeks for a maternity leave/Summer break and jumped back into our My Father's World curriculum where we left off, but in our new school room.

Kairi loves math and art!

I love being able to encourage the girls to work together to accomplish a task. I feel it's such an important thing for people to know how to do. Yet, when I was in school I remember always having to do my work alone or else you got in trouble for cheating. And now I don't work that well with others. So that is something that is important to me that I want to teach the girls. Their whole lives they are going to be working with others and now is a great time to start teaching them how to do that. I always encourage them to learn from one another, use kind words, listen, share and take turns.

Brayce learned about counting by 2s and what a pair is. My colorful socks were a great tool to do that.

I love my Braycee and that she can learn when she is laying down, moving around, taking breaks and that she's able to go at her own pace.

Kai started learning sight words this week. My Father's World teaches Phonics, but I also wanted to add in sight words to help encourage her with her reading. She gets frustrated how long it takes to read a book by sounding out each letter.

Today during school Brayce looked up at me with a big smile on her face. Proud of herself for completing a page in a workbook and wanting to show it off to me. In that moment I was so grateful that I was here. I get to be here for all her moments. The good. The bad. The hard. I get to be the one to celebrate with her. I get to be the one to hug her in sadness. I have the responsibility to teach her and train her. And today and everyday I am so grateful for this amazingly rewarding hard opportunity.

Thursday we had an appointment to go to but ended up having to cancel it. Since we were already in the car ready to go I thought it would be perfect to go get donuts and head to the library. We had a great time. We spent 2 hours there checking out books, playing on the computers and reading. I'm looking forward to doing this a few times a month.


When we got home the weather was so great we stayed outside and played and ate lunch outside.

Thursday we learned how to learn with distractions and noise around. :)

And Mommy learned why we do school during Zeke's nap time.

Kai practiced her sight words while hula hooping today.

Friday is exploration day. We had a lazy day watching movies & I even got in a wonderful 2 hour nap! Around 5 o'clock we  headed outdoors to explore. We walked around our neighborhood and rode around on the golfcart.

In our Science book this week it was all about trees. So we looked at all things trees while we were roaming about.

I loved all the questions the girls thought to ask. And how hands on it is to get outside and actually see and feel the things you are learning about.



Bark Rubbing later turned into coloring on the tree. Tree art!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again (and again) I love homeschooling my children and they love being homeschooled.

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