Aug 29, 2015

Let's Go Wild

Today we went to a wild animal safari near our home for the first time. Goodness it was fun. I don't really have anything else to say besides that.

When we first got there we went through the driving trail. There were tons and tons of different animals. Every kind! We loved it. The kids loved it.

We love making so many fun memories with Papa and Nani. We know how lucky we are to be able to do that!


This was my favorite part! I pet a giraffe today! Seriously, how awesome is that?!

Papa's boy!

I had no idea that the snake I let my children hold today was a boa constrictor. They loved it. So crazy!

This girl wanted a peacock feather so bad. And Nani and her found one.

Then the girls got to ride a camel!

But really they loved riding the horses and didn't want stop. Zeke's smile was awesome the whole time.

What a fun day!!!

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