Sep 3, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday 2

Hi There! I'm just checking in for my Weigh In Wednesday!


This week I didn't do much. Notice the workout shirt and headphones while sitting on the couch. And by that I mean I can only think of one thing I have changed (so far). I haven't had a Coke Icee since my last post. Woot! Woot! Yay for quitting a bad habit.

My husband and I bought the BeachBody workout program: 21 Day Fix. Why did we choose this one? Someone recommended it to me, it says it's great for beginners, it is supposed to be a good program for losing weight and because it comes with a nutrition guide/eating plan.

So now we just have to do it. We received it several days ago, but haven't started or worked out yet. Hey, just buying it was a good step. Baby steps.

My next step is to make a grocery list and a meal plan using the nutrition guide. We are going to start this on Monday, because all good diets start on a Monday, right? So when I check in on Wednesday I should have 3 days done. I'm putting it out there.

I did go ahead and weigh in because my husband said I had to. Why start a weigh in Wednesday if I'm not going to follow through?

Well, I am down 3 pounds. (218) maybe it will all fall off that easily. Ha! If only.

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