Jun 14, 2015

It's June! MFW Week 3 Part 2

It's June! The girls decided to give up on the weather and go swimming anyways! They jumped in and it was 68 degrees and raining! They loved it and swam forever!

It has warmed up a bit this week where we were all able to swim a couple times this week when the sun was actually out! Hello Summer! 

One thing I am excited about for our family and homeschooling is "intentional exposure." We get to be more in control of what our kids see, hear and do all day. This is really important to me especially during this stage in their lives. While they are small we are able to train them and direct them in the ways they should go. We get to pick and choose what they are exposed to and be there with them to teach them and answer their questions about what they just experienced. That way when they get older they will be ready to make the right decisions for themselves.

The girls ' outfits reminded me of that this week. They are not yet being influenced by people outside of our family. They are choosing to be themselves and are loving it. They are making up their own fashion sense and aren't worried about it not matching or not being cool. It makes me smile when they dress themselves and are proud of the combination they create. I want them to hold on to that as long as they can. I want them to grow to be confident, unique individuals who aren't afraid of being themselves.

I actually meal planned this week. Meals are one area in my life that I fail at over and over again. 6:30 or 7 will roll around and I feel guilty and say "Crap, what's for dinner?" I don't know if it's that I don't like cooking or that I don't like being unprepared. But I dread meal times. I love food, but not cooking.

But yes, I meal planned this week. This is an area where I am weak and instead of accepting that and leaving it as is I am going to work on strengthening it. Because if I'm weak or an expert meal times still come 3 times everyday. And the more kids that come into our family and the older they grow the more I'm going to need this skill.

So I'm taking baby steps. My husband and I made a list of 20 or so meals we like to eat. I picked 7 of them. Made a grocery list of any ingredients I would need for those meals, plus the other food items we needed and the kids and I headed to the store.

We stuck exactly to the list and we were $10 under the budget I set for the week! Win! Win!  Meals have been easier this week. We've eaten on time and not wondered what we were going to have. I wrote out the meals I chose on post it notes and just pick one to make for supper or lunch. I feel so much more prepared. Cooking doesn't have to be complicated. My family is more than ok with simple. And we aren't starving that's for sure.

The girls have changed their minds on what they want to be when they grow up. Brayce has decided on a cowgirl. And Kai ran into the living room and announced, "I want to be a hippie when I grow up!" We asked her what a hippie was and she explained it's someone who dances like this on their head. She said she couldn't do it yet, but that she would be practicing. We then realized she wants to be a hip hop dancer and then had a dance session!

The kids all had eye appointments this week. Brayce's eyes have gotten worse and new lenses were ordered for her. Kai has an astigmatism, but it isn't strong enough to need glasses... yet. She also is supposed to start her home eye exercises again. (Apparently, we were never supposed to stop those! Oops.) She'll be doing pencil push ups everyday to continue to strengthen her eye so it doesn't turn out and she trains her eyes to work together. Yes, they even did an exam on Zeke. I'm not sure how she was able to tell anything, but she said he looked good. Thank goodness, I would never be able to keep glasses on that boy.
Wednesday we had to be out of the house for a couple hours so decided that homeschool would be on the go that day. I love that homeschool doesn't have to happen at home. We went up to our church and spent some time doing our sit down work.

I read a book this week. I really enjoyed it and recommend it. All The Places To Go by John Ortberg. It's all about Open Doors.


Brayce finished up two workbooks this week. An ABC one and one about numbers 1-12. (I talked about last week how much I love the $1 workbooks from the Target aisle.) These books were great for her age and she was able to work on them while Sissy was doing her workbook. It's worked out really great doing 2 different things for the girls so far.

Brayce was proud of herself and showed her work to Daddy and Sissy. Way to go Smartie Pants! We are proud of you!

The public library is a great place to go to find resources and activities for your kids! Most libraries have a summer reading program where the kids are encouraged to read (or be read to) 30 minutes a day and can win prizes. They also have different activities planned every week for the kids! Check out your library and get your kids signed up!

We went to see Animal Tales. (The girls are on the front row by the guys left leg.) The girls are convinced we now need a chinchilla as a pet. Ya, I don't think so.

Zeke and I hung out in the back where he emptied out my purse and had no interest of what animals were being shown. This boy is a hand full, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Today I spent some time preparing for next week. I am really loving this curriculum and am really happy with it. This next week we will be doing week 4.

Thanks for letting me blog about our week and what we are doing in homeschooling. I really want to do this as an accountability to take responsibility of teaching my kids and to stay consistent. Also, because I love having the record of being able to look back on what we have done week to week!

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