Jun 18, 2015


I was spending some time journaling during Zeke's nap today and was reflecting on my thoughts on having this blog. I haven't given it much attention or any of my time lately. I go back and forth with my thoughts about why I blog and if I even should. Basically, I ask myself often, "What's the point?"

I realized I would rather just open up my Bible and spend some time in the Word rather than journaling today. I said a quick prayer as I unzipped my Bible cover for His Word to be alive to my eyes and heart today. His Word is always alive, but I didn't want to be blind from it today.

I opened up to 2 Corinthians since I recently finished 1st Corinthians and thought it would be a good book to continue on with. Well, I didn't make it far when the questions I asked only moments before were answered... What's the point? Why blog?
God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others when they are troubled. We will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. 2 Corinthians 1:4

Why should I share what's going on in my life through my blog? Because God has given me this day, this family, these circumstances, these experiences, these struggles (etc) and He has given me this life to bring glory to Him.

He has comforted me in my troubles, so that I can comfort you with the same comfort he has given me. I can only do that by sharing my stories with you. And through sharing my stories with you I pray it brings you comfort, encouragement, and hope in your day & your circumstance. That you know you aren't alone.

I hope to be even just a small light in this dark, dark world.


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