May 7, 2015

MFW 1st Grade

Today I was reminded how far away I live from a Target. Organizing a new year of homeschool curriculum is tough in May and with only a Wal-Mart for supplies.  BUT I made it work. (I'm sure I'll make a trip to Target after Summer to "cuten" things up and restock supplies though.) It took all day and 2 trips to Wal-Mart, but I think I'm (pretty much) finished. 

You may be wondering why I am preparing a new year of homeschooling in May. Isn't it Summer time right around the corner? Yes, it is. But we are choosing to homeschool year around because I like taking a lot of breaks through out the year. We didn't make it all the way through MFW Kindergarten, but I was done with it.

Now don't hear me wrong, it is a great program and I am tucking it away until Brayce is 5 and we will use it again. I drug it out this year and it became so slow and repetitive with each unit lasting too long. In my opinion with MFW (My Father's World) it is better to start at a "young" age and then grow with the curriculum through the year and so I thought this would be a great opportunity to start fresh and try my young age (6) approach for the MFW 1st grade curriculum.


With my limited options, this is what I came up with. I decided to make an envelope with the student worksheets for each week and will add in any extra pages I find that will go well with that week. I will also store completed pages in these envelopes - well, in here and in the trash. I bought a box for each girl that includes a pencil pouch, a folder for our daily/weekly worksheets, calendars and any extra papers so it will be easily accessible for the girls to grab and give them some responsibility and independence. I will also put in their workbooks, journal, and any flashcards, books, etc. I will clean out and update these boxes at the end of each week.

The boxes will be different because Kai will be the one going through MFW 1st and technically Brayce wouldn't even be in PreK yet, but she loves to do school along side Sissy and learned a lot last year. So I will be adding in age appropriate workbooks and activities for her. (She is 4.) Even though, she will not have an official curriculum, she will be expected to listen to all the books we read, science lessons, and the Bible readings.

I am excited for a new year and a new program. I have loved everything I've looked through today. Now, I'm sitting down with my Teacher's guide to make sure I'm ready for Week 1. I am planning to post a blog at the end of each week about what we learned etc and of course add in some pictures. This will be a way to keep me accountable to stay on track and be intentional with our learning. Also, I feel this past year went by so fast I barely can remember what all we did. And when I go to teach 1st grade again it'll be great to have my blog to look through and know what we loved and what to omit.

So, yes I admit beginning a new homeschool year in the middle of May is weird, but this is what I believe is going to work for our family this year. Plus, I'm learning to wear that label proudly.

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