May 5, 2015

Whirlwind to Waiting

Last month feels like a whirlwind. I try to think about what all happened last month and my mind gets a little dizzy. Last month we were busy preparing in our Foster care process. We took our classes 3 of the Saturdays and did our complete 3 step home study within a week.

And now? We wait.

It feels so weird to just wait. To not be filling out documents, going to classes, cleaning my house, answering questions about our family, or meeting with people.

We are waiting to hear if we are approved or not to be a foster family. I'm not sure when that will be. They said up to 30 days and it's been 15. Honestly, this whole process has gone so much faster than I thought it would. From making a phone call to ask questions about being Foster parents to getting everything done in between to now.

So now we hurry up and wait. And we pray. We are praying for our family, for our bio kids, for our marriage, for our house, for all of the Foster kids in the system and for the ones that will make their way into our lives and home.

May is Foster Care Awareness month and I think it would be so neat to find out we are approved during this month!

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