Apr 1, 2015

It's In the Mail

Well, It's Official!
Our application has been sent!
The process to become a foster care family has begun!

I just thought I would give an update of where we are with the Foster Care process since our application was mailed.  

We spent the next 2 weeks filling out paper work and getting physicals, finger prints, and making copies of documents that were needed. The last paper we filled out was about the child(ren) we would be willing to accept. Ages, gender, race, health condititons (physical and emotional) and about where they came from. This paper was tough and took a lot of prayer. Prayer for our hearts to be receptive and that God would give us the wisdom, endurance, and strength we are going to need in this process. It also reminds us of who these children are and how they are out there somewhere right now. I pray daily for the little ones God is going to love through us. I am reminded how this isn't about me or my family. It's about God's little children out there needing a home and a family to love them and meet their needs, for a season or for forever.

We had our first meeting with our case worker (Mrs. C) last week, she was very nice and down to earth. I was stressed and a nervous wreck - which I shouldn't have been. I wanted the house to be perfect and for our family to be perfect. Eventhough my husband kept reminding me how we are not perfect! And don't need to be! How true! We are not perfect, but we are willing. It's not for us to control. It's all in God's hands. I was able to hear him and remember all of that after Mrs. C left and everything had gone smoothly.
Before I tell you about our meeting - let me tell you about my awesome mother-in-law who is so stinking amazing. She could see my stress leading up to the appointment and she blessed me with such an amazing gift. (Maybe the greatest gift you can give to a mother of little ones!) She hired her house cleaner to come to our house the morning of our meeting! The house looks and smells AMAZING. The cleaner spent 3 hours here cleaning everything. When the cleaner walked in she commented how clean the house already looked. I told her, no, no, no... it's picked up. Not clean. When I came back home 3 hours later she said, "You were right! It was DIRTY!" Not anymore though! I'm thinking about working this into our monthly budget and having her come over once a month to clean. It feels sooooo nice and refreshing to have a completely clean house.

But back to the meeting. Mrs. C (the case worker) came at 1 and we signed and filled out more paperwork while the kids sat on our laps and colored. She explained how the OKDHS system works, different rules we would encounter. Foster Care vs Adoption through the foster care system. She anwered any and all questions we had. We gave her a tour of our house and we asked about the space we had if it would be enough for another child to live with us. She said, oh yes! You could fit 3 bunk beds in this room and 3 cribs in here. WHOA. Such a reminder for me of how many kids are out there needing love and a home. We talked about our next steps... getting enrolled for Foster Care classes (27 hours - 3 Saturdays in April), filing our finger prints, and scheduling a home study.
I feel so encouraged. Having questions answered has been amazing and doubt has been replaced with excitement and trust. God really does have this!

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