Apr 20, 2015

Little Girl

My heart is broken tonight.
As we try to make our home "perfect" and ready. And while I stress that it's not enough or wonder how it's all going to work.
I have to stop my myself.
It's not about us.
I realize Little Girl is out there. Living in circumstances that are harmful to her. Maybe she's cold tonight without a bed. Maybe her tummy is growling out of severe hunger. Maybe she's crying and there's no one there to answer her call.
I feel an urgency to get our paperwork done and our training complete. Our homestudy prepared for and passed. We are doing our best to wait patiently and trust in God's perfect timing for the process to be done and approved so we can welcome in a little one to love on for a time or forever. I want to bring her home, to our home. A home full of love, where we can serve her and meet her needs. Where we can show her Jesus' love.
Tonight I pray for Little Girl. Even if there's no one physically there meeting her cries and comforting her tonight. I know our Heavenly Dad is wrapping His loving arms of protection around her.
Oh how I love her already and I don't even know who she is.

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