Jan 21, 2015

70 Degrees in January

Monday was GORGEOUS!

Papa and Nonnie asked if we wanted to go to the zoo. Yes, yes we do.
We love the zoo and have really enjoyed having season passes to it!

And when it's 70 degrees in January you go outside.
If Braycee was a zoo animal she would be one of the otters.
Constantly having fun and making people smile.

Zekey would be one of the grizzly bears. Lazy, soft and squeezable. (Minus the scary teeth.)

Kai would be the peacock. Beautiful and colorful.

When you realllllly want to touch one of the turtles, but your arms are too short... Daddy saves the day. (I'm just glad it wasn't one of the tigers.)

These girls know how to be joyful and have fun.

Kisses for the sunshine!

I hope you've been enjoying this Spring weather in the middle of Winter too.

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