Jan 22, 2015

Do We Make a Difference?

I feel so helpless and inadequate. There are so many people in my life hurting and needing prayers. 

Am I able to make a difference? I pray. But is it enough? 

Yes. I may be inadequate and can't handle all of the prayer requests with the amount of time I want to give each one of them, but our God is mighty. He is strong enough to take care of everyone's hurts and needs. 

So I will continue to keep trying to do my part of praying and meeting the needs I can, but I have a peace because it doesn't depend on me. 

God's got this. He is so much bigger and capable than me! 

Today I am thankful that God hears our prayers and catches our tears. So keep praying for your family, friends, the sick, those in need and the lost. 

And remember our mighty God has this! 

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