Sep 27, 2014

Turning My Resume In

I read a resume recently that made me think about how we try to sell ourselves to others by listing our "best" qualities, maybe even exaggerating a bit to make sure that others like what they see. Think about what you would list on your resume if you were applying for a new job. I know I would have to get creative in my wording of why I'm the girl to hire.

We do everything we can to be accepted and have the approval of others. We always make sure to put our best foot forward and hide all of our dirty laundry. We post and post to our social media pages all of the pretty, happy moments.

We want to have it all together. And when we don't, we fake it until we make it. We want people to like what they see.

I'm just so thankful that we don't have to sell ourselves to God. That we don't have to always have to have it all together for him to accept us as his adopted children. He accepts every part of us. The flaws, the failures, the bad, and the ugly. He takes it all. He wants it all.

We don't have to give him a one page paper showing off of all our accomplishments of what we have done, where we have been, and what makes us so great.

Because with Him it's not about what we have done. It's about what Jesus has done for us.

Instead he wants our humble hearts to put ourselves as the least of these. To delight in our weaknesses because that is where his power is made perfect.

I am thankful I can come to him with my resume that looks so pitiful. And I still get the title of a daughter of the One true King.

I want to encourage you to wad up your resume and throw it away. Don't fear being less than perfect. Plus, being open and real will help reach more people for His kingdom rather than faking it. People like to know that they aren't alone. They aren't the only one with piles of laundry, messy houses, and whiney children. I am not perfect and never intend to be. Maybe instead of boasting of our talents, we should boast of His greatness.

Today I am thankful for what Jesus has done for me.



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