Sep 25, 2014

Zeke 7 months update

Oh Zekerton. I cant believe you're already 7 months. I can't believe you're only 7 months. I can't remember life before you. I can't imagine life without you.
I love love love having a son. And I love that you are my guy.
You're my big boy. You're probably around 22 lbs. and wearing 12 month clothes. I love your chubby wrists and your adorable big hands. You eat baby cereal for breakfast and your before bedtime snack. You have started on veggies once or twice a day. Your face is priceless after your first bite. And of course you have your bottles. You sleep soooo good, but get up at 3 and 6 for a bottle. Daddy and I take turns and we both love those snuggles we get while we rock with you.
You are so laid back and easy going and fun to be around. Everyone loves you.
You are always happy!!! Always!
You made your first trip to IKEA and were amazed.
We traveled to Kansas City and to see your cousins this month. You are a super traveler. So easy.


I could just go on and on about how much I love you and what a good baby you are.

You are just starting to push up and rock back and forth. Won't be long and you'll be on the go. You have this sitting up thing figured out. And play all day. You aren't on a schedule. We just take it day to day and see where we are and what we are doing. You can sleep anywhere. Your sisters never let you get bored. If you make the smallest news you have 3 ladies ready to make sure you don't need anything. Your sisters like to crawl into your crib with you in the mornings when you wake up and you all hang out for about 30 minutes. I don't have a picture because during those 30 minutes I'm sneaking in some more shut eye for mommy.

You love your blankie. And sleep in your crib, you usually roll onto your side to sleep. You love your sisters. You look just like your daddy. People always tell us that. It's ok though. You can grow up and be just like your daddy. He's a great guy and is crazy for you.

I just love you to pieces.



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