Sep 10, 2014

Goodbye Summer!

Was that not the fastest summer ever?!


My TV broke a few weeks ago and we had to go buy a new one this week because it's FOOTBALL season. Can you believe it's already time for football?! Soon we will be seeing pumpkins everywhere. Where did summer go?

We had such a relaxing, fun, family filled summer.

Most of our days were filled with being in the pool. Nonnie and Papa got a pool and we all fell in love with it!


Summer is always such a fun time. Usually filled with vacations and staying up late. This summer the weather was so nice, not many days reached 100. In the Summer we drop our routines and stay up late and sleep in (well as late as I can with 3 littles in my house) and it's when the calendar doesn't matter.

But I am looking forward to enjoying this new season as it approaches. I love Fall, mainly the cooler weather and being able to go outside and not sweat to death. There are football games to go to and the smell of pumpkin spice candles will fill our house. The trees around where I live are so gorgeous. Small group is about to start back up, where I get to meet with a group of my friends weekly to pray for one another, eat, and hang out. I love it.

Since we decided to homeschool this year, I didn't have to dread - or look forward to - the "back to school" time where 8 hours a day 5 days a week the school calendar would determine where my kids would be and how we would spend our time. And I am loving it.

We went on 5 day vacation this past weekend and were able to not worry about playing hookie! We had a blast with the kids and Nonnie and Papa! We went to Branson and Silver Dollar City and spoiled the kids along the way. It was a great way to end summer.


Here are a few pics from vacation:

2 giant pink unicorns. If you're a parent you'll understand why.
We felt like part genius for this:
We switched Zeke to a big boy car seat right before we left and his head was falling forward while he slept. Well, we stopped at Target and found this awesome eye mask that works perfectly and was only $4!
The condo we stayed in is so cute and nice - and the girls love having their own "rooms" - the closets.
We found this wagon on sale at a tent sale and the kids loved riding in it at the outlet malls. Zeke loved being in there with his sisters.
These 2 little ones are worth getting up at 6:30 for!
Oh the color! The style! The personality of these 2!
Family Monopoly game! LOVE that the kids are getting old enough to play board games with. We found Junior Monopoly and it's perfect!
We went to Silver Dollar City on Monday and it was so much fun!
Sissy's favorite thing was the log ride. We rode it 3 times in a row.

Papa let the girls play a bazillion games to win 10 stuffed animals. (Just what we needed.) But totally worth it because it was one of their favorite things.

This time we did rides we have never done before so that was so much fun.
I'm loving having a season pass and hopefully now that the weather is cooling off we can go several more times!
I love Summer, but now I'm ready to love on Fall. Hopefully, it lasts longer and Winter takes it's time to get here.


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