Sep 10, 2014

What Are We Learning?

We are loving HOMESCHOOLING.
It fits our family perfectly. It's relaxed, flexible, and at home.
The girls are loving it and are having so much fun.
It's been a few weeks so I thought I would put together a little post about how it's going.
Every other Monday morning we go to our homeschool co-op.
The teachers of each of the classes are the other homeschooler parents. It's a fun way to get to know new people and the girls are making new friends.
We have gone twice now and it's a lot of fun. Kai's class is a group of 4 boys and 3 girls. Kai rotates between P.E., Art, and Science.
Braycee has a class full of other preschoolers where they get to play and learn.
Zeke is doing great in the baby room and has been labeled again "just the happiest baby."
This week for Science class they got to make homemade ice cream.
She painted a dinosaur.
On Tuesday mornings we head to our library for story time. We enjoy this so much. We sing a couple songs, hear a couple books, eat a snack, and do a craft. Afterwards we spend some time playing and checking out books.
Kairi and Zeke earned a free book today by it being their 10th time this round.
Wednesday night A-Team just started back at our church.
Braycee is in class with me in Cubbies and Kai is a Sparks, Zeke gets a lot of attention in his Puggles class from Mrs. Julie. The girls will be hearing Bible stories and memorizing scripture each week. Kai is excited to be in a class with her friends Hannah and Phoenix.
Last week Kai's verse was John 3:16 and Braycee learned "God loved us and sent his Son." 1 John 4:10
We spend a lot of time reading books!!
The girls really like learning about animals of all kinds. Especially whales, dolphins, and bats. We've also watched a couple episodes of Animal Planet where they spent the whole time asking questions to learn more.
Every night Daddy leads a Bible Time out of our Hands On Bible. They hear a Bible story, have some things to act out, and pray.
Most importantly we've done a lot of this... Bonding time.
We have just started our new curriculum and we are excited about it! The first 10 days we are learning about Creation and what all God made and reviewing the alphabet and numbers. And here is a list of our unit studies for the rest of the year. Each unit is 6 days long. I'm loving this curriculum and the teacher's guide is such a great tool that helps me know what and how to teach the girls! Yay, for My Father's World!
Snow White making a Creation book.
We've found that we like to do school on the living room floor better than the table. We spread out and make a mess.
Here are a couple pictures from Day 2: God made the Sky.
Eating "clouds"
We checked out books about the Earth, clouds, and other things related to creation.
This was a neat one telling us all about clouds. Daddy came home for lunch and was excited to read it to them while I made lunch.
Then we went outside and took pictures of the clouds.
Day 3: God made the land, seas, and plants.
We started our school this morning, but stopped in the middle of it to go to story time and then have lunch with Daddy at his office. The kids are all napping now and then we will finish school later. I just love the flexibility of school fitting into our life, not the other way around.
This one should be labeled "current events."
Kai's convinced Santa is going to bring her an AppleWatch. (Good luck, Sister!)
We are trying to look for learning opportunities no matter where we are or what we are doing. We are focusing on Character Training and having a Bible based learning. I like MFW because it's learning style is Charlotte Mason (I gave you the name so you could Google it if you want), but basically I would describe it as the balance of traditional schooling and unschooling. We do sit down work with worksheets, but we also go outside and learn. We play games to learn and we read books to learn. I ask the girls what they want to learn about and let them pick out books to read, but we also have a lesson plan to follow. I love the balance of it all.
This journey is just beginning and I couldn't be happier to be a part of it.
Do you have any questions for me? Just message me on my FB page or comment below.



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