Aug 6, 2014

Welcome Home, Daddy!

Now that he's home, I can say it.... I MISSED HIM. My husband has been gone the past 3 days/nights at Campfrence (our youth's church camp) and it may sound pathetic, but it felt like 2 weeks. I missed that guy. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who missed him either. He's been home an hour now and the girls are not letting him out of their sight.
This is the first time that he's been gone where I finally realize the whole "distance makes the heart grow fonder." Yep! I was so sappy for him that while I was driving and Lee Brice's I Don't Dance song came on I was about in tears. Happy, lovey, missing, sad tears. I told you - pathetic. But ya, every country song reminded me of that boy.
I do not like being alone in the dark - call me a big ol' scaredy cat. My husband makes me feel safe and protected when he's laying next to me. Every night I stayed up until 2 am waiting for sleepiness to take over, but it didn't so I would sneak into the girls' room and tug at Sissy's blanket. Last night, I whispered to her, "Come sleep in my bed with me." She sleepily asked me why. I said because I want you to. I tucked her into my bed and whispered again, "Someone had to sleep in Daddy's spot while he was away and I wanted it to be you."
Secretly, I miss my little best friend sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night EVERY night. During that phase it wasn't my favorite because I would wake up every morning with a back ache from her kicking me all night and taking up all the space. But this week while Daddy was away at camp I cherished those times with her.
It reminded me of the book, Love You Forever. I snuck into her bedroom and carried her saying I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, and as long as I'm living my baby you will be.

This would be why I didn't pick Braycee to sleep with me this weekend. Notice the feet in the face?

Being a mom teaches me to be brave. Being a wife let's me be taken care of. (You could say I am needy.) A mom takes care of. A wife is taken care of.

Bravery doesn't mean we aren't scared, it means do something even though we are scared. So while I was scared to be home alone with 3 kiddos, I also got the chance to be brave. Knowing I would do whatever it took to keep them safe. Which is a good thing, since I discovered the 3rd day that I had slept with the front door unlocked the night before! (See why I didn't tell you he was away!)

The kids and I had fun this week. We stayed busy and hung out with Nonnie and Papa in the evenings. She made us dinner 2 nights and we spent a lot of time swimming in the pool.


I am just so happy to have my family all together again. We work better together. I'm so happy to have my husband home and next to me again. I love that we don't get tired of each other and we love to spend every waking and sleeping moment together. I love my close knit family unit. I'm glad I get to be the wife of Jonathan and the mom of my super great kids.


So yeah, there wasn't much point to this post other than to say, I love my husband and I agree with what Kairi told him tonight. "You are NOT going to go far away without us again!"

Oh, and look what my big boy decided he could do tonight!!




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