Aug 7, 2014

If I Haven't Heard It, It's New to Me!

I stay so out of the loop. But I'm not sure I would say that is a bad thing. Oils are trendy, who knew? Fashion? Ya - clueless there. So and so said this about my family, who knew? So and so have been hanging out and you weren't invited, who knew? And who are the Kardaschians? And usually the music I listen to is at least 3 years old, who knew? If I haven't heard it, it's new to me!

Where do people get all of their information?! Magazines, the news, online articles, Facebook, the beauty shop? Am I missing the must-read blogs to stay cool and hip? Why am I so clueless about current events?!

I suppose I really do live in a bubble. Or maybe just Small Town, Oklahoma. My motto used to be ignorance is bliss. Maybe it still is. It is happy in my world, why mess with that?

I've been off of Facebook for almost a month now and to be completely honest - I LOVE IT. I love not constantly having my phone in my hand and no longer spending way too much time scrolling through my newsfeed, missing out on the person who is in front of me at that moment. (I read somewhere that whoever was in front of Jesus was his ministry. How cool is that?! What if we all acted like that?) Plus, Facebook can create so much jealousy and gossip and I don't miss that. (I am not saying it is wrong to be on Facebook or it is all bad. Facebook is a great place to catch up with family and old friends, share stories and pictures. I was just an over user who needed some distance from it.)

I have NEVER watched the news; it's just so depressing. I really don't see the point of it. (Is that the ignorance is bliss part?) Actually, I almost never watch any TV. But there are a few shows that my husband and I enjoy watching together. (19 Kids and Counting, Arrow, and Nashville)

I love reading blogs and follow many. I love blogs that are family oriented and are all about Jesus and encouraging moms!

I read a magazine yesterday for the first time in a long time. My MIL sometimes gives me her People magazine when she's done with them and I thought it was so crazy how I never think about that world (Hollywood), but after flipping through a few pages I couldn't wait to read more and find out who was getting married and which celeb was pregnant etc. Then I quickly remembered that I didn't care and put the magazine down.

I don't think I'm really a person that people feel the urge to share the latest gossip with. Maybe I'm not that approachable or maybe it's the whole "preacher's wife" label - probably both.

When I was friends with this one person, every time we were together she was telling me who was hanging out with who and what event went on that we hadn't been invited to. I'm not sure how she knew all of it, and I'm not sure what the point was of her sharing the information.

I'm all about the truth, but if it's not coming from the "horse's mouth" then nah - no, thank you. I don't want to know anymore.

So I guess this is just me rambling about my thoughts- it was a long 3 days without my husband home to talk to so I thought a lot. But I guess my thoughts led me to the conclusion that I'm ok with being out of the loop. I'm great not being in the in crowd and doing what is cool and trendy. I'm not a social butterfly so no need to tell me what I missed out on, it's ok. I was probably busy having fun with my family anyways. And please don't ever talk politics with me.

However, I love to listen. So if you want to talk to me about your life and how you are. Please do. We can chat and have a Starbucks. Oh and can we please talk about good books? But do I want to hear what your neighbor's wife's aunt's mother's dog did? No, thank you.

I do want to love people and get to know people. I want to be someone that people come to for encouragement, advice, prayer, or looking for an ear to listen. But I don't care for all the gossip and rumors that go around. Those cause hurt, anger, and jealousy. There's some things better left unknown.

We must remember that our words are so powerful. Once we say them we can't take them back. We can repent and ask for forgiveness though. Man, and that's so tough to do. Realizing we spoke before we thought. And now we have to swallow our pride and say sorry. I did this very thing today.

Remember 2 ears. 1 mouth.

But on the flipside of how powerful words are - we also have the power to say words that are healing, encouraging, comforting, and uplifting. A thank you goes a long way. Letting someone know how much their friendship means to you. That you are proud of them. That they inspired you. A Scripture to offer encouragement. A note of gratitude. Prayers spoken on their behalf.

(Sorry, I could go on and on. I'm a words of affirmation lover.)

I hope my words on my blog can be words of encouragement. Words of love for all that read.


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