Jul 8, 2014

4th and Fireworks

When you live in a lake town you usually do anything you can to avoid the lake on summer holidays. This one was no different. We had a very relaxed and low key 4th of July weekend celebration.
Thursday we had a picnic at the park and then headed out to the city's firework show that evening and enjoyed visiting with some friends. On Friday, my husband was off work so we enjoyed a relaxing day at home (I love days like that) and then headed across the street to my in-laws for a get together. We enjoyed swimming, food, fireworks and friends. Saturday was more swimming and having fun and then the girls stayed the night with their Papa and Nonnie and so my husband and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home. (Sometimes I can't believe we are still in our 20's, most of the time we act like we are in our 60's.)
I hope you also had a Happy 4th of July!


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