Jun 25, 2014

No More Perfect Moms

Being a mom, a good mom, doesn't come naturally to me. And just like with anything in life, especially to become who God created you to be, it takes work and some discipline. I need a lot of help from the Holy Spirit to be a Godly mom. I pray - some days I need to a lot more than others, I ask for guidance & wisdom, and I read my Bible to know how to be more like Jesus. One of my favorite ways, but not necessarily the best way and definitely should not be the only way, is I learn from others - from friends, sermons, other blogs, and books. And I can't forget to mention from watching 19 Kids and Counting! I'm a new super fan of that family! They live SO close to me I just HAVE to see them in person. Don't worry I won't be a stalker. But anyways back to the point!
We can't develop into who God created us to be by ourselves and without trying. I know that I am naturally lazy, selfish, and impatient. Which all of these characteristics do not make for a Mom of the Year award nominee. And I think God created me to be a good, Godly mom. So I work at it. And I am definitely not perfect, in fact I am so far from it.
I am currently reading a book titled, No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage. Loved it from the moment I read the title! I relate! I also loved the $3 price tag and right on the inside cover one of my favorite moms, Michelle Duggar, recommends it. I'm almost half way done with it and I am loving every bit of it! It's one of those books that there's so much information I feel like I'm highlighting the whole book. So many great takeaways.
I wanted to kind of blog through the book and share some of Jill's awesome points and some of my personal stories, thoughts, and life lessons I am learning through this with you. I would love for you to follow along with me and I definitely recommend this as a "must read" book! I mean just listen to this introduction and see if you relate. "The truth is now that I'm a mom, I find myself in all kinds of situations I never thought I'd experience... I'm less patient than I thought I'd be. I weigh more than I want. My children are more strong-willed than I expected. My house seems to always be a mess. At times, my marriage isn't the 'happily ever after' I dreamed it would be." Basically, if you've had the thought "I don't measure up." and "What's wrong with me?" I think you might be like me and can relate to this book and every other mom out there!
"Perfection doesn't exist - but unfortunately we waste a lot of time and energy pursuing the elusive mirage we're just sure can be found. While we're pursuing perfection, we're missing out on the most precious parts of life: the laughter of silliness, the joy of spontaneity, the lessons found in failure, and the freedom found in grace."
Oh I have wasted too many days, weeks, months, and years chasing perfection. It does NOT exist. I am done looking for it. I am NOT perfect and I will never be. And here's my confession, I am ok with that. No, I am GREAT with that. Praise The Lord, that we do not have to be perfect. Instead God sent His Perfect Son to die for us while we were still sinners! And I am a sinner in need of a Savior!

So join me on this journey of stop trying to find perfection and embracing authenticity!

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