Jun 25, 2014

I Was at a Loss

Hi. This is Braycee.
Yes, she is that cute, slightly ornery, and very funny.
She is also a "strong-willed' child.
When Braycee gets something in her head that's what's going to happen before anything else.
And Brayce is more time challenged than me, that's a nice way of saying, she's slow.
But she's also only 3.
We started potty training Brayce when she was 2 1/2 and she was fully trained within 3 days!
She's been in panties for 10 months now! She's never had an accident at night and didn't wear pull ups. She was pretty much a rock star potty trainee.
However, about a month ago, Brayce started peeing in her panties - a lot. Always right in front of the potty on her stool - all over our CARPET. (Yes, unfortunately our bathroom has carpet. But hopefully, not for long.)
I didn't get it. Why was she doing this? Just sit down on the potty and go. Quit making a mess.
Brayce stumps us a lot on how to discipline and train her. And this was no different. How do we get her to stop peeing on the floor? We gave her a few spankings, I threatened to put her back in diapers, I yelled, we constantly told her to go try to go to the potty, and the one that I hate that I did - I showed her my disappointment in her. Each time she would cry, upset that she pee'd and say she was sorry.
We were at a loss. How in the world do we get her to stop?
Well, my husband said, let's do the sticker chart!!!
We did this with Kairi when she was potty training and she loved it and thrived with it! Ok, worth a shot!
We have been doing this for 2 days now and...
She's got it! No more peeing on the floor and the wall is getting covered with stickers.
(That was Kairi's suggestion because she remembered from 3 years ago when she was training and got to put stickers straight onto the wall.) This morning she was the first one awake and was yelling from her bathroom that she needed a sticker! Kai's even been helping her get stickers.
I'm so glad my husband suggested this. Not every discipline needs to be learned through consequences. Instead of showing her my disappointment in her and making her feel ashamed, we have been able to lift her up and praise her for her good behavior. Focusing on the good, positive things has been so refreshing to me and for her. I don't want to focus on her failures and mistakes, just like I don't want anyone to constantly putting me down for mine.
I think this was a good lesson for me to learn (again) as a mom and just as a woman. Focusing on the negative things in life with a bad attitude doesn't do anything but destroy whatever is in my path. Instead I want my words to be wholesame and to build up.
Ephesians 4:29 "Don't use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them."




  1. Thanks for sharing KC! I need to read that verse over my day every morning! It's encouragung to know other mommas lose their patience too :)

    1. Me too, Tina! You definitely are not alone. :)



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