Apr 3, 2014

Zone Defense

Life with a Newborn


Life with a newborn has it's ups and downs. It is hard work and tiring, but yet so rewarding.

The newborn stage was never my favorite... until now. With my other 2 I was anxious for around 4 months when they would start to show some personality and smile and recognize that I was their mommy. (Reward for all that hard work I put in!) However, I have just loved it this time with my little baby boy. I wanted him so badly and am enjoying this gift from God. Begging time to slow down because he is growing so quickly. Zeke is now 5 weeks old and still most of my days are filled with snuggling my little man. He's a little spoiled in the fact that he likes to be held, but I think that is a good thing.


Something I wondered before my 3rd child was here was is if man to man or zone defense was going to be easier.

The transition from going from 1 kid to 2 was a lot harder for me than from 2 to 3. Again I say that is for me, not for everyone. A few reasons I would guess that this is the case is this time around my kids are a little older (and so am I) and slightly more independent (5 and 3 and newborn) - instead of 2 and a newborn. Another very important reason is that I'm not afraid to ask for help this time. If I am tired and frazzled I have learned it's ok to ask for help from my husband and in-laws. That doesn't mean I am a bad mom who can't handle it, but taking the help from family that also love my children gives me the rest that I need.

One of the biggest reasons I think this time with a newborn has been "easier" is now I am a stay at home mom. - I said easiER not easy. Most (ok, I'll be honest - ALL) of my days are spent in yoga pants, t-shirts and with a pony tail. I almost never have to be anywhere first thing in the morning so if I am up all night with a fussy baby that's ok, I can probably take a nap the next day. That has helped me to stay relaxed and carefree about the nighttime feedings.

My husband is such a big help, he does more than his fair share of taking care of the kids. He loves being a dad and is so good at it. I could go on and on bragging about him. I never have to worry if I have somewhere to be and he has all 3 kids. He truly is a superdad!


I was afraid I wouldn't remember how to take care of a newborn again since it had been a few years since Brayce was a baby. But luckily "motherly instincts" is a real thing. I feel like taking care of Zeke has become natural. Sure I don't know why he is crying all of the time - but we just figure it's one of a few things. 1. He's hungry. 2. He needs to burp. or 3. He's poopy. Or maybe he's just a cranky butt that wants to drive around the neighborhood a few times before he falls asleep.

A confession - yes I am a stay at home mom, but I do not expect perfection out of myself. My "job" is to take care of the house and the kids. Well, I have given myself grace about the chores. My house isn't quite as tidy as I would like and I struggle with keeping the laundry folded. And some days my kids and I don't get out of our pajamas. But that's ok. I do not have to be perfect. Like I said before, most of my days are spent snuggling with a newborn, playing with my kids, wiping butts, and feeding my kids. I try to do 1 or 2 things a day so it doesn't become a complete disaster. So eventhough I do try to keep the house picked up, but the deep cleaning - well let's not look too closely.

Going Places - Going places with a newborn requires a lot more stuff. I have become a minivan mom and I am loving it. I would say it's a must or a big bonus to have with that 3rd child. So much more room to hold everything you need. And the sliding doors are my favorite. Zeke likes the car seat and loves being in the car. We went on a trip with him a couple weeks ago and he slept the whole way there. I know this is not the case for all babies, so I am thankful for a good car rider. He will be getting hauled around to lots of his sisters' events so I am glad he doesn't mind being in it. It takes more time and more hands to get a family of 5 out of the door, but we were already slow before. I don't think anyone expects a mom of a newborn to be on time to things - besides my husband that is.


ME TIME and hobbies when having a NEWBORN - nonexistent. :) One thing that has been tough for me with a newborn is finding all that free time I had before. Where I could sit down uninterrupted and write a blog post or pick up my book and read a few chapters. Sure, free time isn't as easily ready to be handed out, but I still get some time. Right now my son is taking a nap and the girls are playing a game together. And I am NOT feeling guilty about taking some time to do what I want to do. I spent all morning taking care of my kids and playing with them. It's ok to take a few minutes to ourselves as moms - we need to. That's something that has changed this time. I am trying my best to not feel guilty about moments like this. I need moments like this. I am sitting here blogging while 2 big laundry baskets are waiting to be folded. I will do them... eventually.

So life with a newborn is tiring and hard, but oh so worth it. I love just staring at my baby. Just yesterday I walked by where he was sleeping and just looked at him and smiled. I just couldn't believe how cute he is! I love being a momma and truly am so thankful for the 4 gifts that God has given me.




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