Apr 2, 2014

My Own Reality Show

Not very often do I get envious of people on TV, especially reality TV. I used to enjoy watching some of those shows like Teen Mom, Jon and Kate plus 8 (see it's been awhile) and The Real World Road Rule Challenge and probably a few others that I can't think of right now. Now the only channels my TV knows is Disney Junior and ESPN.


I do not enjoy being on camera or talking into a microphone. I'm not even crazy about talking on the phone. BUT the one reason I wouldn't mind being on a TV show is because your whole life is documented on tape. For you to always have and look back on. Now as a teenager and young adult I would've hated everything to be documented - I am very thankful that social media and smartphones were not around then, but now that I have little ones in my house I would love for someone to follow us around with cameras all day long. Everyday is a new adventure with new surprises. I just love the funny things my kids say and I don't want to miss those moments of the kind way they act towards each other. I don't want to forget exactly how they look at Age 3 Month 1 Day 10. The way they say certain words and then they grow a little and learn to say them the correct way makes me so sad. My kids called videos "be-a-bulls" and now they argue with me when I say "beabull". They stilll (and hopefully always will) call balloons, "bagoons".

But those are the things I don't want to miss. The sweet moments between mother and daughter, the moments between sister and sister and between daddy and daughter. I want to remember it all, but unfortunately I can't. Unless maybe I have 15 more kids and get my own TV show!

So what I try to do is take pictures, a lot of pictures. (We recently bought 2 more external hard drives because my other ones are full. Always back up your pictures!) I love the convience of having an iPhone. A camera and video camera right at hand. I am so great to capture a picture, but often times the pictures are, "Stop what you're doing look at the camera and smile!" I need to get more "IN ACTION" pictures. And it's ok if there isn't a smile, but those silly faces! I want to capture their personalities and capture them in the moments of being kids. And since I'm usually (ok always) the one with the camera in my hand I need to be more intentional about being in the pictures with the kids. Or asking my husband to take pictures of me and the kids together. Also, ask someone nearby to get all of you in a picture together. I have a feeling when our kids grow up those pictures where Mommy and Daddy are in it too are going to be so special. So don't worry if you are having a bad hair day or need to lose those 15 pounds. Your kids don't care, all they will see is their smiling beautiful momma!

I also want to remember to take more videos. I LOVE going back and looking at videos. Hearing their little voices and seeing them on camera moving is just so sweet and captures a moment in time that you can relive. I love pictures but there is something so special about a video of your child walking for the first time or learning to ride her bike without training wheels. It kind of makes me giggle because now if I take a 3 minute clip of my kids doing something I feel like it was such a long video, but if I go to my parents house and dig out the VHS tapes and go to an antique store to find a VCR to watch the home videos there are hour long videos of a basketball game or a school play. So don't worry if you take a video that is 5 minutes! Get it and then upload it to your computer. You'll be glad you did.

Something else I have tried to start doing is journaling. I try to write down those sweet questions they ask that I have no answer to. Like when Kairi asked me how they were going to get Zeke out of my tummy and she came to the conclusion that my tummy was going to explode like a volcano out of my belly button. Or the silly things their imagination comes up with. Or the things they say all day long. Brayce currently is stuck on "I gotta tell you something" and "I do what Sissy do's".


I want to document their personalities, their favorite things, who they are at each stage of their life. One reason I have this blog is to be able to do these things. I want to be able to look back at a year ago and 10 years ago and see who Kairi was at age 5 and that her favorite color is pink and she loves to wear dresses and knows every word to the Frozen soundtrack, and that she loves her American Girl dolls.


And that Brayce at age 3 does not like to wear socks or shoes because she says they hurt, she is so kind and quick to share, but yet knows how to push her sisters buttons, that she is so funny and makes everyone laugh, that it takes her forever to fall asleep at night, and that she loves to watch Netflix.


And Zeke at 5 weeks is so handsome with his dark hair and how I love those little glimpses of smiles, that he wakes up every night at 2 and 5 for a bottle, that he loves to be moving or offroading in the stroller and that he is the cutest little thing I have ever seen.


I started thinking about all of this this morning because someone was asking me if Zeke was like Kairi or Brayce as a newborn. And honestly, (sorry future Brayce when you read this) I don't remember many details of Brayce as a baby. (I suppose that is the middle child syndrome.) I don't remember when she started sleeping all night or even how much she weighed at the hospital. I don't remember how old she was when she started crawling or said momma for the first time.


So pictures, videos, journaling and blog posts.


I know I won't remember every moment, but I do know that I will always remember how much LOVE I have for the people I call family. How joyful and happy my house is. That we have fun and love each other. And that being a wife and a mother is my absolute favorite thing in the world.


Because one day a long, long time from now when my house is empty and quiet, I'm going to miss the chaos, the loudness, the little people in the bathroom with me, and the laundry piles. (Well, probably not the laundry.)




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