Apr 26, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

One of my favorite family fun dates is going to the Drillers Baseball game. I wish we lived closer because I'm pretty sure we would have season passes. It's so much fun. Especially now during Spring Time when the weather is just PERFECT! It was so beautiful there last night.
My MIL was getting back from a business trip so we met her at the airport and headed over to the baseball field. We showed up about an hour or so early and that worked out perfectly because we got the exact seats we wanted on the grass. We love sitting out on the grass because the kids have room to run around and we could stretch out. (Besides who actually goes to a baseball game to watch the game.) Including Starbucks, food and tickets we only spent $37 the whole night. That's what I call an affordable family date!
We had such a fun night and I'm looking forward to going back again.
If you fall asleep in the car and are this cute there will be a picture taken of you.
I love sleeping car pictures.
The girls love the playground in the outfield. And since we got there early it wasn't crowded yet and they were able to play for about 30 minutes.
Thankful to have this guy by my side!
Take Me Out to the Ballgame!!
Zeke's first baseball game. We are so happy to have a son in our family.
OneOK is such a beautiful field. And seriously the weather was GORGEOUS.
I love always having a tube of glowsticks with me. For $1 it brings a lot of excitement and entertainment to the kids and it's helpful when it's dark to spot them.
I snuggled with this guy most of the game. (They say I'm a baby hog.)
Every Friday night there is a really good firework show after the game. I love fireworks - mostly the smell of them. It was loud, but the kids really enjoyed them too. We didn't end up getting home until midnight. But it was such a fun night and the girls LOVE going. Kai was ready to go back today!
I'm thankful for nights like this with the people I love.



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