Apr 24, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things


These are a few of my favorite moments and pictures from April.
Seriously, I love having 3 babies to love on!!
I held a snake. My MIL caught my true reaction of what I thought about it too. I only did it bc it's on my list of things to do.
They're going to be good buddies!
My baller
I love how involved my husband is in our kids' lives. He doesn't miss the big moments or the small things. We are a strong family unit. Nothing will ever break us apart.
Daddy and his 2 mini-me's
My kids are bright
It was national sibling day and these 3 are my favorite sibling trio
He was giving his momma lots of smiles this day! This is 1 of the 150 pictures I took.
We're cool kids
Well hello Handsome!
We love that Papa & Nonnie are right across the street. Lots of fun evenings outside together now that the weather is getting better.
Saturday morning and my lap is full and so is my heart.
Those LIPS!!!
Easter egg hunt with MOPs. I love my 3 little peeps.
We are twins!! But not born on the same day.
I got to spend the day with just my big girls at Kairi's field trip. Nonnie watched Zeke for me. It was such a fun day!
Zeke has been sleeping through the night and waking up extra happy. So have I.
I asked Brayce if she wanted to help me fold clothes. She said no I want to watch Zeke I didn't know her ipad was named Zeke.
My heart is big for this kid.
I had so much fun celebrating my husband's 28th birthday. We went and played arcade games. It's fun to be young.
Brayce was not going to let Sissy leave before giving her a kiss
So stylish in her own sort of way
Getting the house purged and organized!
Love spending my days with this guy!
1 of the best naps ever
A few friends and I have started walking several times a week and I am loving it.
My walking buddies.

I am loving all the fun memories we are making. We try to keep it simple and the kids love it. I love my happy little family.



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