Mar 4, 2014

Long Time No See - Beginning of 2014

Hello Blog World! It's been awhile - a long awhile. I have missed blogging, but have enjoyed journaling this past year. However, the one thing that journaling lacks is there is no place to insert all of my pictures. And boy, do I take a lot of pictures.

So here I am blogging again... with a lap full and one handed.


But this time I am choosing to be selfish with my blog, it's really going to be for me. I love having a place where I can go to look back on and see the stories and events that have been going on with my family and to see how we have grown and changed.

However even though it is ultimately for me, I'd love for you all to follow along with me as I share stories and pictures of my family on My Doodle Spot.


So here it is already a sixth of the way through with 2014. What?!

Here are a few fun pictures of the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.


Christmas was so much fun this year. Having 2 little ones that believe in the Christmas spirit and that couldn't wait to see what Santa brought them. They are just so joyful.
Christmas was fun as a kid, but it's 100x better as an adult.


This year Kairi wanted light up red boots, a remote control car and a purple teddy bear.

A basketball goal was on Brayce's Santa list.

However, Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Nonnie, Mimi and Pop also had a BIG surprise for the girls. They each got their very own mini iPads. They absolutely LOVE them and I am so happy that we got them for the girls. As soon as they opened them they said THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!


We got to go visit family and we always have such a fun time with all the cousins! This year a nerf war was apart of all the fun!
Our last family pic of 2013. Wow, what an amazing year.
One of my favorite things we do as a family is eat supper at the table together every night.
Coming off of Christmas break there was an additional 4 snow days, plus Brayce had been sick with pneumonia, and I was feeling very emotional, overwhelmed and pregnant. After 3 weeks off of school Kai had class on that Friday and I was a mess. I cried and cried - it felt like the first day of school again with all of the same worries and fears. Well she had a good day, but the month of no normal schedule and illnesses and snow days I was feeling overwhelmed. So Monday rolled around and we decided we needed a fun family day out of the house. We played hooky from work and school and took the girls to Chuck E Cheese (and me to Target). We just had such a great day and it was so refreshing.
Some days it's important to get in those mental health days to recharge.



These girls LOVE each other. And brighten up my world.
Papa and Nonnie took the girls and us to see Sophia the 1st and Jake and the Neverland Pirates Disney Live.


The girls got to start gymnastics!!!! This is Braycee's first time and she is tooooo cute out there.

Both girls love their clsses so much.


I sure love having little Princesses in the house.

One fun free family activity we like to do each month is the Lowe's Build and Grow program.

This winter has been so cold, we are more than ready for Spring!
(Today as I type this we are at home on our 12th snow day of the year.)
Here I am 38 weeks pregnant.
A few of my friends hosted a diaper baby shower for Zeke and me. So many people came and gifted us with a diaper supply that'll last a very, very long time. I felt very loved and blessed.
LOVE these sweet little sisters.


Valentine's Day with my little love bird.

We spent our Valentine's Day watching Kairi cheer at the high school basketball game. She got to go to a cheer camp all week. A dream come true for her. She did amazing and had so much fun.
Plus her BFF Hannah got to stay the night for a slumber party.


My baby girl turned 3!!!!!!!


So those were just a few pictures from January and February. I just LOVE all the family time we have had. I did my best to enjoy every day before our new baby got here.

I have a simple, laid back life and I love every moment of it.

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