Aug 7, 2013

Where Did Summer Go?!

Here it is 1 week until school starts. 1 week until my oldest daughter starts PreK. Where did the summer go? May and June we were busy moving houses and Jonathan was very busy at work. Then July hit and we decided we better get busy having some fun! Here's just a little picture summary of what we have been up to.
4th of July was such a fun weekend. We had lots of family time, friends, and fireworks! We went out on the boat twice and went to a baseball game.


Then we had to say see you later to Nonnie. She is working in London for 5 months and she was leaving for her first month away. The girls surprised her by making a Build-a-Bear she could hug when she missed them. So KB the bear flew all the way to London to stay with Nonnie. We sure miss Nonnie while she's away for work. The girls did get some Papa dates in while she was gone to help him not get so lonely.


The girls have been having fun. We've had a few birthday parties to go to. I think we have went to see 3 movies this month at the "movie station". We've gone to the library for story time a few times. We've also stayed inside a lot doing crafts and enjoying NetFlix. (I don't like being hot.)

We went to visit Pop and Mimi one weekend and Jonathan preached at their church on Sunday. The girls stayed a few extra days so they could have some time to play with their cousins. I missed them, but Jonathan and I came home and got the kitchen and living room painted at our new house! (I'll post updated pictures of our house soon!)

We have enjoyed living in town where we can walk to church and ride our bike to the pool.
It's been raining all month here! Crazy for Oklahoma in July/August. Today we had one of Kai's best friends come over to play! They played Build-a-Bear fashion show. Love these sweet girls.
The girls have grown so much. They love their new room and their new house. They are best friends and play together so well all day long. They are happy, confident, easy going, loving girls. We have so much fun at home together. They are my light and joy.


Well this will be our first year in 6 years that summer ends and school starts. However, this time it will be for our daughter and not us going to college. I have a feeling I'm going to have the hardest time getting out of bed and to school on time. I do like my sleep in the morning.

I try to enjoy every moment and I think we've had a lot of good memories this summer. We have one more week of FUN to be had before school starts.

It's a good life. I'm glad it's mine.



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  1. Sounds like you have had one amazing fun summer as it sure has gone by so quickly.



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