May 14, 2013

House For Sale

It has been one fun, crazy, busy week. Last week after our Keurig house party, my husband and I decided to go to Lowe's to buy lights and a wind chime for our back deck. On our way to town my mother-in-law calls us to say, "GUESS WHAT!!!" A house in her neighborhood, the one we've been eyeing for almost a year, is available! We went over to look at it and decided instead of buying lights for our back deck we would put our house up for sale and move into town!



Whoa! We went to town for lights and came home with a new house. lol. Not really but sorta. A week before that Kai had been telling us that she wanted to live by Nonnie. She even called to tell Nonnie she wanted her to buy her and Braycee so they could live with her. Nonnie was so kind to offer me $2 for the girls. Kai kept asking every day if we could move to town. She said in 3 weeks can we move into a new house? I told her we needed to appreciate the house we have and we would be living here for a long time. [Jonathan and I have talked about selling the house on and off for about 3 years now so we could move to town, but it never was the right time or worked out.] But we told Kairi if she wanted to she could start praying that a house by Nonnie would come available to move into and that God would work things out.

Well, guess what! Not even a week after Kairi prayed that prayer, we got the phone call from Lynda telling us that the house Kairi wanted was now available. Whoa! A child like faith is a powerful thing.

We got right to work to put our house up for sale! We have worked our tails off for a week getting the house decluttered and spotless. I took down all of our pictures which was kind of sad - our walls are so bare now. We rented a storage unit and quickly filled up a 10'x10' with all of our "extra" stuff. Wow, I couldn't believe what all came out of our house. It's amazing what all accumulates in 5 years.


Our realtor came and took pictures of the house so she could put our house on the MLS and today 11 different realtors came over for a tour of the house.

We are now praying that God sends someone our way who wants to buy our house. It's such a great house. We bought it 5 years ago and have created so many wonderful memories here. It's Jonathan and my first house together and both girls were born here.

This past year we have made it really what we wanted. We redid each room and put in a lot of work to the outside making it nice. I think God was preparing it to be ready for the next person who would live here. I hope that whoever buys it (soon) will love it and take care of it just like we have these past 5 years.



We are so excited for our new adventure. We will be right next to the church (my husband's work) and Kairi's school - instead of the 15 minutes we are now. And we will be neighbors with my in-laws. I don't know of many people who would want that, but I am truly excited. They are not just my in-laws, they are my parents, and more than that, my friends. And we will be just a couple minutes from anything in town. It should cut down on how late I am to everything!! Also, less gas $! This house has 500 more square foot then our house now and I think what my husband is most excited about is - no trees in our backyard.

I just wanted to let you in on what's been going on with us this past week. God is opening doors and He continues to bless us beyond anything we will ever deserve. None of this is possible without God. He is the one who answers prayers. We are being patient, but praying continually for our house to sale.

My niece told me her memory verse from her church, "Wait for The Lord. Be strong and don't lose hope. Wait for The Lord." Psalms 27:14


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