May 5, 2013

House Party - Keurig Style

Have I told you how stinking awesome is?! Go check it out right now. No wait, after you read my post!
This is my 3rd House Party to get to host and I LOVE it. You apply on their site for different parties and then if you are selected, you invite all your friends and House Party and whatever company is throwing the party sends you a FREE party pack!!!
Today we threw our KEURIG HOUSE PARTY!!! Whoo! What a fun, chill, relaxing time with some of our closest friends!! We cleaned up the backyard for the 15 kids that would soon be coming over to jump, run, and play! We got the deck ready in a coffee house theme, with pub tables and played some Pandora coffee house station on the iHome.
Our party pack incuded this Keurig Vue 500 brewer!!!
Plus 84 V pods of different flavors! Cups, napkins, a tin of cookies, and mints.
They gave us a HUGE booklet of coupons!!! We have twenty 40% off coupons! They expire on the 11th! Please let us know if you would like a coupon and we can give you the code to order a Keurig Vue 500 Brewer! My husband is totally in love with this coffee brewer!!!
So many yummy choices! My husband sampled each of them! I couldn't believe how quick and easy it brews!
The hostess with the mostest.

#keurighouseparty #keurigparty

Some of our cute, fun details!!!
Cookies and donut holes!

I wanted to have some fun snacks for the kids too!

Goldfish, marshmallows, and m&m's!


I couldn't have pulled it all together with out my amazing helper! He is a hardworker and had fun doing it! I love being married to this man!


My new fake Scentzy candle warmer. I liked the creepy owl and wanted something that plugs in to get things off my kitchen counter. Now that I actually am cooking I need more space! :)
My whole house smells like coffee!!!


Ready for our coffee party!
Yay, our friends are here!
It's May 5th and it was in the mid 60's. Slightly chilly, but good weather for some coffee. I was thankful the rain held off. The yard was a little muddy from all this rain we've been getting, but the kids didn't mind!
LOVE this cute little picture!

Stacy and Me


Kai with 2 of her BFFs Hannah and Adde
The kids had a lot of fun on the jeep, however, I think every single kid was injured at one point while riding on it! Oops! I guess we need to look into Barbie Jeep insurance!
The Keurig House Party crew!!!


Thanks for coming friends! I hope you enjoyed some coffee, cookies, chatting, friends, and fun! We did and are very blessed that you came. (Because you helped eat all of those delicious cookies we don't have to eat them all by ourselves now!)


So like I said, go check out House Party and sign up. Apply for some parties that you think look fun. They have ALL different ones. So far I have hosted a Pull-Ups Potty Party and a Battle of the Sexes party. I have been invited to a couple different coffee parties, a Lego Duplo party, a Fisher Price party, and one of my friends even hosted a Smirnoff party in the past! FUN FUN! FREE FREE!


Thank you for choosing us to host the Keurig House Party! Can't wait until our next party! Any excuse to hang out with our friends is a good one for me!!!



  1. we have Keurig machine. Not that fancy one....yet! lol
    That sounds like a lot of fun! I will have to check the website out. I like to say that I take a party with me wherever I go, so this would be right up my alley! lol
    Mark and I now by our coffee beans green and roast them ourselves in an air popcorn popper! We LOVE it!!

  2. Btw, do you get to keep the machine??

    1. YES!!! How awesome is that?! :) Jonathan has thanked me several times for applying for this party. He loves the coffee brewer. I don't drink coffee so I was happy to host for him!



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