May 20, 2013

Drop the Fat Pants - Pictures Don't Lie

One of the best ways to see change and progress or lack thereof is through pictures. Because as they say, "The camera doesn't lie."

So I thought I would share the past few years of my life (body size and weight loss journey) with you by showing you some pictures of myself. Ugh... here we go!

Just FYI - I am now 28 and 5'5" in height.

May 2007 - My graduation week of college. I probably weighed in the 190s.

June 2007 - my wedding day - I chose not to go wedding dress shopping, I said out of cost and keeping the wedding simple, but really I was fearful that there wouldn't be a dress that would fit me. I ordered this sundress from American Eagle size 18. Did not like how I looked that day.

January 1, 2008 - My husband and I had been married for about 6 months here. We put on a lot of weight our first year of marriage! We weighed between 210-220 here. I wore size XXL tops and size 18/20 pants. Anything with elastic was my friend.

This is at our heaviest - 230 (March 2009). This picture was taken 3 weeks after I had my first daughter. I weighed 220 when getting pregnant and on delivery day I was 250.

June 2009 - my "Before" picture in the upper 220's - so uncomfortable

This was Winter 2009 when my husband and I decided to start doing something about our weight!!! I started Weight Watchers and running. We barely could run 60 seconds at a time, but started the Couch to 5k program.

After a few months of running and Weight Watchers I had lost 35 pounds and got down to 195. Then in June 2010, I got pregnant with my 2nd daughter.

I gained 35 pounds with Brayce. On delivery day I was at 230 and dropped 20 pounds before leaving the hospital and had to begin my weight loss journey again at 208.

This is me in Summer 2011 a few months after Brayce was born. I got down to 185 by running and did 7 straight weeks of Insanity. We tried a few different diets at this point as well. We were watching what we ate and did a 2 week Daniel Fast (strict vegan diet). This was the summer I gave up all sweets and treats for 3 months.

September 2011 in my new size 14 jeans!! I was PUMPED. I hadn't been in size 14's since high school.

December 2011 - my first size medium pants ever! and weighing in at 170
We were exercising consistently and we tried the HCG Omni Drops for a month.

February 2011 My daughter turned 1 and we continued working hard to lose weight. I began counting my calories using MyFitnessPal. I was really feeling pretty and healthy now.

These are my FAT PANTS. However, in this picture (May 2012) they were falling off of me and oh so baggie. This was the outfit I would wear daily when I was a size XL+.

These next 3 pictures are me at my goal weight. Summer 2012, I was between 152-157. Size 8 and 10!!
I had never been this size before. I loved it and felt great. I formed a shopping addiction - American Eagle was my new favorite store.
We were still running and had done several 5k races and one 10k.
This picture was on my 5th Wedding Anniversary!

My BEFORE and AFTER picture!
230, size 20 - 155, size 8

Unfortunately, I hadn't learned that there isn't such a thing as an AFTER picture. My husband and I decided to start trying for baby #3 July 2012 and I threw all the healthy habits I had formed out the window. I stopped exercising consistently and decided to start eating whatever I wanted and however much I wanted, whenever I wanted.
It wasn't long before the pounds started coming back. And I did nothing to stop it.
October 2012 - My size 10's were getting tight and I was in the upper 160's. (In the picture below I couldn't even button them during our family pictures! How embarrassing!)

I found out I was pregnant November 2012 and then I started eating even more. Sadly, we lost our sweet baby in December. This next picture was 1 week after my miscarriage and I weighed 175.

March 2013 and I weighed 172 and would wear this cardigan daily throughout the winter trying to "hide" my stomach and weight. I was so uncomfortable in all of my clothing. The only jeans that were fitting me were my maternity pants I had bought because I got rid of all of my "fat pants" that past summer. So yes, I was wearing maternity jeans while I was not even pregnant. (Embarrassing, but true statement #2.)

One of my big problems is when I started gaining the weight back and put on 20 pounds since last summer - it all came back as FAT. I lost any muscle I had gotten while working out consistently by being so inactive and overeating. Fat started piling back on and most of it landed in my belly and thighs.

So here we are! May 2013. Beginning AGAIN my weight loss journey. I weigh 172 and am going to fight my way back to the lower 150's where I was happy, healthy, and comfortable!

I hope that I was able to paint a picture of my journey. There are ups and downs and ups and downs! And what I want to encourage you is to NEVER have an AFTER photo. We must train as though there is no finish line! Healthy habits are forever! The moment we start slipping back into those old, lazy, bad habits is when those pounds start slowing coming back. My clothes slowly got tighter and the more I ate, the more I wanted and then the more uncomfortable I got and depressed because nothing was fitting right. I even had to dig out my FAT PANTS from storage!
This time I am DROPping the FAT PANTS for good!!! and so can you! I'm excited for the ladies that have contacted me letting me know that you are on a journey, too! How I have encouraged you in some way. That encourages me more than you know and is going to help me stay accountable to setting goals and reaching them! I'm glad to be able to do this along side with you. Because --- we can do it!!!

DtFP- part 1


  1. We got this!!! This is really great :) I might have do to something like this myself.

  2. Hi KC! I found my way to your blog from another - I know Becca Byrd! :) I love what you are doing here...I recently had a baby (okay - he is like six months old now) and I have been struggling losing my pregnancy weight! I am thinking I can't be saying, "Well I JUST had a baby" anymore because it is simply not true. I am going to be joining you on this, but I am too scared to be vulnerable and post about it on my blog. Maybe someday I will get the courage. Good for you!!!

    1. Yay! I love Mrs. Becca. We were college roommates! :) Glad you found your way my way. We can do it!! what is your blog website?! Yes being vulnerable and posting this stuff on my blog is scary stuff. But I try to be honest and real as much as I can to connect and encourage other women! :)

    2. She is a very sweet lady :) I am glad to know her! You can find my blog here:

      I will plan to do something similar to this on my blog, but I'll link back to your DtFP posts and blog - so my readers will know where it originated :)

      Keep being an inspiration with your posts - I know they have encouraged me more than you will know! I

    3. Wow, thank you so much for the encouragement!!! Hearing things like this mean the world to me!!! I followed your blog and am excited to keep up with your posts! :) Good luck with your journey! We will do it together. :)

  3. Hi KC! I found your blog from Jess's blog! I am so excited to read about your journey. I am on one, too. I never thought about blogging my experience. Maybe I will!



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