May 18, 2013

Drop the Fat Pants - Intro

Hi! This is ME and these are my FAT PANTS.

Honestly, I contemplated starting this new blog series because I don't like being a flakey person. I had to ask myself "AM I READY?!" Because the thing with being a blogger is once you put yourself out there you can't take it back. Changing your mind or quitting something is not a private decision any longer.

But since I know this is a change that needs to MUST happen. Here I am, making it a public affair.

My new blog series: DROP the FAT PANTS is a new thought and I am excited to see it grow and develop. And hopefully not get 2 weeks into it and quit.

You see, DtFP is about losing weight. I would guess almost every person at some point in their life has struggled with their weight. If that's being too fat, too skinny, out of shape, or having weight related diseases. Weight struggles are all too common. And something I know all too well.

I have considered myself "FAT" for as long as I can remember and so would that silly BMI chart. Here I am at 28 and I am still struggling with the same issues I have all my life. I am honestly curious if weight struggles can ever go away? I do not want to be 38 still battling being overweight.

This post was written to introduce you to my new series, Drop the Fat Pants.

I will have weekly weigh ins and goals. I will post pictures of my journey and will share my victories, struggles, and failures. I will do my best to keep it interesting and real. I will share all sorts of things, including personal things I would probably rather keep private. As many of you know, I am pretty open and honest. I want to keep myself accountable to reaching my goals and changing my habits, but I also want to encourage and inspire others who are battling with the same things to make the healthy changes that they have been wanting to, but maybe need a push or someone to come along with them. That's why I share so much about who I am. I think God can use our circumstances to speak to others. 

I would love for you to come along with me on this journey.

stay tuned for more from DtFP...

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