May 17, 2013

Scrip Scrap

3 things I love: Scripture, Smashbooks, and my Kids

A friend of mine shared with me a blog post of a lady who combined these 3 things together and came up with something super cool. I knew I just had to make one, too!! (You can find her post here.)


What is a Scrip Scrap? It is a scrapbook full of Bible verses. The lady that gave me this idea, said her young children could recite all those silly nursery rhymes because kids have such an amazing gift of memorizing. Our church and I have been working with Kai all year about memorizing scripture. It's one of my favorite things is to hear her say the verses. So the lady had a brilliant idea to create a scrapbook for her kids to look at with different Bible verses.

I was at Target one day and fell in love with this purple smashbook, but I have a few others that I haven't touched so I couldn't justify buying it. Even though it was only $9.99. Then I saw the scrip scrap and knew the purple smashbook would be perfect for it. I hopped onto Amazon and received it 2 days later.

This is the "CUTESY" smashbook by K&Company
I started a list of different verses I wanted in our book. It kept growing! Some from the Rizers songs, some that she has already memorized, and some of my favorites.
Yesterday the girls wanted to do a craft so we all got out our smashbooks and got to work.


So many fun pages!
Brayce and Kairi have John 3:16 memorized. Hearing my 2 year old tell me about Jesus is amazing!
Definitely putting this one in there!
Fruits of the Spirit


Encouraging them to have Wise Friends and to be an example eventhough they are young!
Proverbs 13:20 and 1 Timothy 4:12


So many options for this page! Love God, Love others, or 1 Corinthians 13.
Beauty comes from the inside!! Love this page.
1 Peter 3:3-4


Ha! My "artwork" is a little rusty, but that's ok!
The Armor of God Ephesians 6:10-20
My princesses!!!
Yes, I am a princess my Father is the King of Kings. John 1:12



I'm so excited to make this for them and to read it daily with them. It's such a fun way to share scripture that encourages them to love God and love others. I want Scripture to shape their lives and mold them into the people God wants them to be. And why not get started now? :)

Plus, I love scrapbooking!


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  1. I love it! Glad it sparked something awesome for you and your girls. I am thinking one of these days I will have to do a boy'ed up version of a scrip scrap book for Ari & Ezra! You make it look awesome!



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