Jan 24, 2013

What an Honor!

My good friend and fellow blogger, Jill, over at Fresh Canvas Living asked me to guest blog for her! Jill and I met in college, but didn't form a friendship until years later over Facebook. I am so thankful for her and the encouragement she is in my life! What a fun honor to guest blog. Jill is a great blogger that talks about her life as a mommy, her weight loss journey, but mostly she spends her time encouraging women with her faith. She is the most *sparkly woman I know. She has a big personality, but an even bigger heart! 

So readers head on over and you can go check out my most recent post about 

And go ahead and add her blog to your current reads, you won't be disappointed!

Find her on Facebook here and here.
Follow her blog here.
My post on her blog is here.

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