Jan 24, 2013

One of Those Days

From what I saw on Facebook and Twitter, most people had "one of those days" today.

I was among those people. The girls were super needy today and my patience was wearing thin. I very rarely feel like I need "me" time and often feel guilty when I do. However, today I was screaming for me time - literally! I think ME TIME is essential for being a better wife and mother - to be refreshed. I finally got my little one to nap and my wonderful husband took Kai to her gymnastics class when he got home from work. Awww... peace and quiet.

It was nearing dinner time and I was contemplating cooking dinner or popping in a frozen pizza for tonight?! DiGiorno anyone?! I have one in my freezer waiting for that emergency.

Well, since my husband and Kai went to her class, I had some quiet ME time and decided I would cook dinner for my family. Not normally the ME time I would choose. I think my first option would be a trip to Target, but since I live over an hour away from the nearest Target that doesn't ever happen. So, today I made the healthy, right decision and now I am grateful that I did. (That's how we usually feel after making the right decision. Unlike the feeling of regret, made after a bad decision.)

So here it is EMEALS meal #2!

What is this?! I was scared. Something new for sure!!!
I do NOT like touching raw meat and was not a fan of these sausage links. Oh my, is it too late to get that frozen pizza out?

This is how excited I was to be cooking and what a day like today makes me look like!
Cook it. Add it all together. and the RESULT!
EMEALS you did it again. YUMMY!!!
My whole family gave it 2 thumbs up!
I mean look how good this looks!!!!
strike a pose!

She kept saying YUMMY after every bite.

Dinner around the table is some of my favorite family time! Tonight we had the Katy Perry pandora station going and would sing and break out into dance inbetween bites!

2 thumbs up!!


My husband went back for seconds, but I was too full from the one helping! He was stuffed. He said, "Make this a staple!" It was a little spicy from the sausage & red pepper, which my husband and I enjoyed, but I was careful how many big pieces the girls got because of the spiciness. Next time I think I would add some mushrooms and olives (with the food processor) to sneak in some veggies!

Thank you EMEALS.com for guiding me and giving me the tools I need to cook for my family. I'm learning it's not that bad and I might actually learn to enjoy cooking. I just don't like being bad at something so am afraid of creating something disgusting or messing it all up. But I follow directions well so with the recipe and meal plan made right there for me; I am having success!!! I recommend EMEALS.com.

And Thank You Husband for doing the dishes!!! :)


When the opportunity comes between doing the RIGHT thing or the WRONG thing, what will you choose? What about good or better decisions?! Sometimes we have to say no to something to be able to say yes to something else.

I am trying to make better decisions for myself and for my family. Did I mention that we haven't been out to eat at all this week?! That's BIG for us!


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