Jan 15, 2013

It's a Chain of LOVE

Valentine's Day is one month away and I thought of a fun craft to do that I thought the girls would enjoy daily... 

We got out our PINK and white construction paper to decorate!

Crayons and STICKERS, of course! (What toddler doesn't love stickers?!)

The girls made a list of some of the PEOPLE, our friends and family, that we LOVE!

We cut our construction paper into LINKS and wrote a name on each link.

And here we have our CHAIN OF LOVE!

We hung it in the girls' room
and everyday before nap time we will take one link off...

And PRAY for that person.
Kai prayed for Uncle Pip and Aunt Amanda today.

The girls don't really understand what Valentine's Day is, but they do understand that they love their family, friends, church, and teachers. They are so good about praying each night, but I thought that it would be special for them to specifically pray for one person that they love before nap time each day!


  1. I love this babe, what a great idea!!

  2. Okay, after our talk yesterday, I teared up when I saw our names on there. :)

    1. We made a whole list and didn't put them in any particular order and Kai picked which end to start with. I'm glad we could pray for you today! :) Kai prayed you sleep good. I added a few other things to her prayer. :)



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