Jan 13, 2013

Go Away!!

Go AWAY!!!
You're not welcomed here anymore!

The FLU BUG has come to visit our house and has not been nice to my 2 little girls. 

On Tuesday night at supper time Kai started getting super whiney and wouldn't eat. She even asked to go to bed! She fell asleep at 7pm and when she woke up the next morning she had a 103 temp! Poor baby girl didn't feel well at all, but after some ibuprofen she perked up for about an hour and then crashed. 

After talking to some friends on Facebook, I was encouraged to not wait but take her to the doctor. (I always fear of taking them and looking dumb that there is nothing wrong at all. But then I remember how I would do anything for my children! My husband says I'm not an overprotective parent. I'm just protective. That's ok with me!)

I am so thankful for my husband and his job, that they allow him to put his family first like he wants to. He was able to come home to keep Braycee while Kai and I headed to the doctor. 

They tested Kai for the flu and it came back positive immediately. They gave her some more ibprofen and had to get a shot for nausea so she wouldn't throw up the medicine. The doctor wrote prescriptions for the whole family for Tamiflu. (Besides me - I'm the only one who got the flu shot, my employer requires us to.) Do your kids get the flu shots? We never have, but are considering it next year because this is the 2nd year in a row that they have come down with the flu.

Apparently Tamiflu is not the best tasting medicine so after their medicine I let them have a piece of their favorite candy - Starbursts. Why not?! If they have to feel so puny I would do anything to make them smile!!

Braycee started feeling bad on Thursday and here it is Sunday and she is still not feeling well. She woke up early this morning with a 103 temperature and all she wanted was her Daddy. She had body aches and a sore throat - from what I could tell from her actions. All she would do is cry and say "I want Daddy." She's got a good Daddy that came home to give her some much needed snuggles. 

We woke up this morning to ice and snow - not much, but Kairi has been waiting months to get to play in the snow and build a snowgirl. Her daddy took her outside for about 10 minutes to play in the snow. Braycee and I watched from the door. Kairi was ecstatic. 

So we have been locked away in our house so we don't share our germs with our friends or strangers for that matter and have had lots of family time. Good thing family time is my favorite!! 
But I am ready for my poor little babies to feel better!

Hope that your family is staying well!!! Lots of hand washing and GermX! 

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