Dec 30, 2012


My new OBSESSION... I mean my new Hobby.
A friend of mine and fellow blogger, Jill @ recently posted on her FB page about starting a smash book! I was intrigued to look up what exactly she was talking about. I usually enjoy the same things she does, and therefore, like to steal all her ideas!
I got onto YouTube and found TONS of videos all about Smash Books.

What is a SMASH BOOK?

basically... a scrapbook

Here is the description from k&company right inside the front cover:

"It's OK. Just SMASH it in. There's always room, just like the junk drawer. Nothing's right. Nothing's wrong. It's all YOURS. We say glue in the gladness.

A note, a quote. A thought to jot. A snipping, a clipping, the idea that's caught.

A card, a regard, a tidbit, a smidgen. A doodle of a poodle or the feather of a pigeon. It's the smatterings of ordinary, extraordinary life.

Messy and Beautiful."

I fell in love with the idea of it and with the K&Company products. I used to scrapbook and have always enjoyed it, but haven't done this in years. And this was a messier concept. I immediately got onto Amazon and started doing some "research" and made a wish list. I decided I would check Target to see if they sold these products because before buying them I wanted to see some in person!

A couple days later on our way through Oklahoma City, we stopped by Target and I headed straight to the scrapbooking aisle. And I may have went a little crazy. I loaded up!

A BOX of goodies!

I threw all the *Smash products they had available into our cart. I also talked my husband into running across the street to Hobby Lobby to find some stickers and more supplies.

I have to BRAG! My husband is so amazing. He 100% supports everything I do. He listened to me talk about this the WHOLE way home (a 4 hour drive) and well I'm still talking about it. He gets excited to see the pages I've done and had a "get what you need/want" attitude and didn't even rush me in Hobby Lobby. Your support means the world to me, babe!

I knew the girls would want to "help" me with my smash book. And so I surprised them by having their very own books and supplies in a tub for them! And while I don't think the books are priced bad at all, I just got a regular cheaper notebook for them. I gave them one rule: You can not tear out any pages. I am excited to have all their artwork and creations in one book. Plus when I want to work on my book during the day they can join me by doing their own gluing, cutting, coloring, stickering, and creating.
Today Kai worked on hers for an hour and Brayce enjoyed her new Mickey Mouse stickers and glue stick for 20 minutes!
I currently have 1 book: the red doodle book. This book is going to be all about ME and FOR me. It's where I am going to put my goals, my lists, my likes, scriptures, who I am, my prayer requests, my fitness plan, my thoughts, and opinions. It's going to be about me becoming a better wife, mother, Christian, and friend. I am going to work on growing into a better ME. It's a journal, photo album, memory book rolled into one.
The NO RULES rule is kind of hard for me. I am a list and by the rule type of girl. The messy is taking time to get used to. Today I organized my smash book by making a list of all the different topics I wanted to *smash and then I made tabs and picked each page I wanted that topic on. My MIL was giving me a hard time about it. But Hey, there's NO RULES so I can make my own, right?
I also have ordered the *smash book K&Company 365 folio! I am SO excited to get this book in the mail. This is the book ALL about my family in 2013!!! There is a 2 page spread for each week of the year. I can only imagine how fun this book is going to be to look back through at the end of the year. It will hold my families activities by having pictures, ticket stubs, etc. We will have our goals, our prayers, the girls' milestones, our trips, and our everyday life. I plan to do a 365 smash book every year for my family! I am serious pumped about this book!
I ordered 2 more books off of Amazon tonight. (I told you I was obsessed!)
These are good for trips, wedding planning, baby books, family photo album, - someone said it's pinterest in your hand. I plan to create one for each of the girls from now until it's full - maybe I can fit 5 or 10 or 18 years in one? Someday when they are old enough to care about it (aka take care of them) they can have it to show to their children. It will be their whole life growing up. (Because I don't plan on sharing my family ones out of my house!) The funny things they say, pictures of them growing and changing. Memory book!
I hope this is a hobby that lasts! At least for the one year, so I can complete the whole 365 smash book! Check it out... what do you think of them?
Some people sew. I *SMASH.




  1. I have never heard of a Smash Book!! Totally intrigued! Can't wait to see what your book looks like as the days/weeks/months go on! Fun!

    1. Target has a whole aisle of themnext time you are there you should check them out! They are so fun and my girls have enjoyed creating their own "scratchbook" which keeps my books to myself lol!

  2. Right there with you on this! I LOVE Smash books! I started one for me and my bf when we started dating (not a creepy as it sounds.) Ha! We both love it now. I am a graphic designer and just put together a Smash-inspired portfolio for a job interview. They loved it and said they had never seen a portfolio put together like that. I loved that it was so different and not in a stuffy general portfolio. OH! I also like to use my sewing machine on the edge of the pages for a little extra flare sometimes.



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